Sunday, April 27, 2008



I got a hair cut.. looks the same just cleaner..
We went to a WW store front and I got these 2 things.

We went to the grocery and loaded up on goodies.. and my sweet husband stopped at another store while I was getting my hair cut and found weight watchers english muffins and bagels on sale for a dollar each.. so he bought those and I like this oatmeal and gotta have my Fiber one bars..

OUR fridge is full

We are fruitful

These are some of the oranges from the citrus guy.. remember looks can be deceiving.. while they might not be the prettiest of fruit.. just cut them open and boy are they heavenly...
The farmers market was a bust so we went to the grocery and got some fresh corn, brocoli, zuchini, tomatos, salad, I bought some deli turkey slices shaved 5 slices 50 calories or 1 point, bought some light cheese for my sandwiches and light string cheese so i can make my famous tomato salad. I plan to alternate a frozen meal for a sandwich during the week.. so thats 3 sandwichs and 2 frozen meals during the week days for lunch at work.. plus fruit, dairy and a snack and veggie. I get 23 points a day plus 35 flex goal is to save the flex points for the weekend in case we want to go out..I plan on using between 5 and 6 points per meal so that will leave me some extra points for treats/ extra fruit or veggies if i so desire. On sandwich days the 6 points will include bread, protein, veggie, fruit and if i can diary..on frozen food days the 6 points will include meal and hopefully a salad if i can make that work .. I love that little points calculator and used it Saturday to help purchase items... we have everything from desserts to meals to snacks covered.. Sometime today we will cut up the carrots and celery and keep them in a bin in the fridge for snacking and lunches.. Steve is an awesome support and I love him for that..
Today we are also making Gagutz ( an Italian veggie mix served hot, zuchs, yellow squash, sweet onion, fresh tomatos , diced tomatos, and a little tomato sauce.. You basically stew it) It is wonderful over Pasta, or by itself with a sprinkle of Romano cheese.. Will have pictures of that too either here or on tommorows post..
Here is an experimental dessert that was Steve's idea.. He had some samples of Angel cakes left.. so here is what I did ..

We are already trying to figure out how I can have a little falafel at the big Party at the Jewish Community Center next Sunday celebrating Israels 60th bday.. I got part of the menu already.. so I might use some of my flex points for that.. I want to see if I can figure out how many points are in falafal too.. Susie if you know let me know.. Oh and Susie I just had my last piece of Matzah with light cream cheese and strawberry jelly.. lol I laughed when I was eating it.. because I thought of you.. Thank God the Matzah is gone.. whew!! the Matzah itself is not bad .. its just what you do to it that might not be favorable... for example you can melt cheese on it.. you can make pizza with it.. you can put peanut butter and jelly on it.. you can put cream cheese on it.. you can eat it with chopped liver, you can eat it with matzah ball soup ( thats the best out of the whole lot) you can make matzah brie ( fried matzah) you can make matzah toffee, you can make matzah toffee with melted chocolate.. You can even make Matzah lasagna.. you can be really creative with that stuff when you have to be ..
Looking forward to Monday...
Starting the day with Oatmeal
Lunch will be a WW bagel with sliced turkey and a little mustard
a Jello 60 calorie pudding or a light yogurt ( not sure yet)
carrots and celery with light dressing
and dinner I am not sure about yet..
Well ,,,plan on lots of food photos and recipes in the near futureEvery Friday I will post my stats.. and I might figure a way to link you to my WW log.. not sure yet.. You can bet you will read a lot about WW and me.. SO .. OFF WE GO ...
Here is to a rocking Monday
Wish me well
wish you well too


40 by 40 said...

I am so glad you are starting on the ww's!!! I have already learned so much from you and you start tomorrow!!!!!!!
I am pretty impressed that you aren't having that big cheat meal that I have on the eve before beginning a new diet!! You can have falafel..i will help you figure it out..of course you probably will figure it before i do. I luv Falafel too. I stopped keeping passover yesterday..everyone seems to have a different thought on this.My hubby breaks it tonight. We are going to my brother's for dinner to break it. Good luck on the WW's!! I am really excited for are going to be really successful..I know it. I do my food/points log on a google doc spreadsheet..there is a link on my blog..although I haven't updated in a week..or more :( ..You are motivating me to be a better weight watcher! I am going to look into spark people for logging points..I know you can do it on wwonline..maybe I will join one day. GOOD LUCK!! YOU CAN DO THIS!

Fat Grl Slim said...

Yeah full fridges!!! Okay, I found English muffins at the health food store this weekend that you have to try! I've never been so dang full in my entire life! They are from Food For Life ( for a massive English muffin they are only 1pt and crazy filling! I <3 them!!!!

Hope all is well with always, love the blog. And cute pup!!!

Ann(ie) said...

You look good and set, girlie. I have one of those point calculators and I dig it. I also dig fiber one bars!!! mmmmmmmm.