Friday, April 4, 2008


So sorry I have not posted much yet this week.. when I do have moment I have been busy working on the Israel blog or I have been busting my hiney to get caught up at work.. I doubt I will ever take a 2 week vacation like that again.. I think mini vacations are easier at least when you come back to work you can catch up quicker.. I still am days away from being caught up but its getting better. I have so much to share with you guys about our trip.. things that I will not put on the Israel blog. Things only you really understand. As I said before, I seldom saw heavy people in Israel, at least where we were.. and if someone was large .. well.. most often then not it was another tourist. Israel is a walking country. The best way to see it walking.. We would drive to some places and then walk and walk and walk for hours at a time. My biggest concern was slipping because we were not walking on smooth surfaces... between the rocky and broken roads of ruins through out Israel, to the sidewalks of Tel aviv and Jerusalem. In the old city in Jerusalem walking up the limestone and cobblestone steps hundreds upon hundreds of steps, or slopes.. winding in and out and around.. it is interesting to think that the old city is basically 1 mile but with all the winding about you do.. you walk far more than that just to see the different quarters. Since Easter had just past and Purim was over as well.. the city was still busy with HUGE amounts of tourist.. from all over the world.. you would hear German accents, French, Asian, American, British, Italian, EVERYTHING every denomination.. people from EVERYWHERE, NIgeria too.. just such a tapestry of people.. visitors as well as natives.. I could go on and on.. but here .. I want to talk about well.. the food side and the Honi side... I lost 7 pounds on this trip and I ATE LIKE A MONSTER,, I had dessert at breakfast and dessert at dinner. My breakfasts were huge.. Israel is big on the egg so every morning just about... You had EGGS or.. uhmm EGGS made anyway possible. I would have toast , and croissants with chocolate and fig rolled in them. I would have Cheese souffle and blintz souffle.. I would have granola and yogurt.. ( IN ONE SITTING) and sometimes another roll... .. towards the end of the trip after eating a lot of street food we decided to start making sandwiches to take for our lunches.. so that kept lunch meals to a minimum. Dinners , Steve and I smartly decided to share.... Our first meal In Tel Aviv I had a fabulous salad that was gigantic and Steve had this wonderful chicken dinner... In the cities the food was better than eating at the Kibbutzs we stayed at.. I had my share of Falafal and it was wonderful .. The first falafal we had was the best it was freshly made.. and yes I had my share of fries with it too.. They call fries chips.. and include them with everything.. .. I do have to say I am glad I am home and back to a more normal way of eating.. I proved to myself that I can walk and exercise.. even when not feeling well.. I injured my right knee and it pained me through out the trip.. but I did the best I could. Now the trick will be to keep up the working out.. maybe not to the extreeme of walking 5 miles a day.. but at least doing something...
Well gotta go get dressed and face the day..
Wish me well
Wish you well too
Have a happy weekend.


Hanlie said...

Seven pounds! Way to go!

Scale Junkie said...

I'm not surprised you lost 7 pounds! All of that walking really adds up. I think I lost 10 the first time I went to Europe. Hopefully you'll be able to keep up the walking now that you are home!

Natalie C. said...

Wow! That's amazing. Your body really likes Israel. Congrats on the weight loss. It feels nice to be a little more active, too, doesn't it?