Thursday, April 24, 2008


For me, the great debate is about over. Since this is an election year I am holding my own internal elections.. The title of this campaign is : Where does Honi go from Here? Does she stay on the path she is on.. where change just is not happening but the status quo is the same. Does she release control and not do anything.. last check there that was a extremely bad strategic move or lastly does she totally go with a different party... So far she has explored several options and is leaning towards Weight Watchers.. in fact more than leaning.. she plans to join that party Somewhere between Friday and Monday with the Official super delegate vote being decided by Monday the 28th of April 2008. IS this a good choice for this candidate? She knows just by recent events ( a patient yesterday over heard me discussing my next move and pardoned herself for listening... but strongly recommended Weight Watchers and gave me all types of information and things to do that just seemed like... well Kismet.. because the words Weight Watchers had not even been mentioned at all by me.. she just knew.. She even told me about a WW store front to go buy some tools with and told me what to buy and that is was far less expensive to buy those products ( flex points calculator) at the actual store front than order it online.. she pulled her FP calculator out to show me what it looks like ...she was right too.. it looks like a a very handy tool.. better than the slider cards of old... I found a FP calculator for between 28.95 and 59.95 online if I go to the actual store front it will only cost me 10.00 ... I prefer the 10.00 ...

So it looks like the great debate is soon to be internally ending.. PLEASE IF YOU ARE IN THE WEIGHT WATCHERS PARTY OR HAVE DONE SO WITH IN THE LAST YEAR OR SO.. PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR INPUT... far Everything I have read and heard about this Flex points and Core program seems really good. I like choices but with a guide... so the new ( TO ME ) programs sound interesting.. This candidate now realizes she does much better following a program to lose weight .. because she has the maintainence thing down to a science.. with out following anything... time to finish what she started. She being me of course..
For a sunny Thursday sending good thoughts your way....
Well wish me well
Wish you well too..


Dee said...

I'm so happy you've made the decision to give WW a try! I think I'm alot like you. I can't be on a restrictive "diet". I need to be able to choose what I eat, but I need limits and guidelines. That's what I love about WW. If I just can't get chocolate out of my mind, I CAN have some. (of course, I haven't been a great WW lately....but that's another issue!)

buddha_girl said...

Years and years ago I lost a little over 100lbs on WW. A friend of mine with whom I work has lost almost 70lbs so far. She feels great and has gained much more ownership over food rather than the other way around.

Ready to Shrink said...

I did WW back in 2003 and lost 139 lbs and then I met my hubby and got off of it. (LOL I know awful and then the two of us gained weight together cause we were happy).

When I decided to lose weight I went to Jenny Craig this time and though I lost a ton of weight the plan kinda depressed me. I felt constantly like I was denying myself EVERYTHING! I 3 weeks ago switched back to WW and in 2 weeks (my 3 week wi is tonight) I love 7.5 lbs. I feel SO much better and healthier on this plan. IT ROCKS! I can eat out, I can cook my own foods, and I don't feel like I am denying myself.

I fully support your decision to join this WONDERFUL party.

Lora said...

My best friend joined and lost 50 pounds. She swears by it. I have joined several times - the first time I did really well. But then I gained it back. The next few times I guess i just didn't put my all into it. Lost 10 -15 pounds and quit each time.

I say - whatever works for you - go for it!