Monday, April 28, 2008


Sunday we did a lot of prep work.. Steve.. boy I tell you .. he is the most wonderful support system.. not to mention husband in the world..

Look what he made for us..

This is after 2 hours of cooking.. it does cook down a bit.. but it is SOOOOOOOO GOOD! Sprinkle a little freshly grated romano cheese on this.. and its SOOO YUMMY...
Not only did he make that Sunday morning .. but he also did this for Saturday night..or rather us..
Meanwhile while the veggies were simmering I was cutting up carrots for the week.*** Weekends unless we are biking it..( thats motorcycling) will be our food prep time for the week. It seems to work so much better for me that way..
Preping is very important.. for now.. and really if you think about it for any healthy program.. one must prepare.. If you do not have choices and options available then you set yourself up for easy excuses.. I was too tired.. I did not want to cook... etc... but this way.. when you prep.. its done and it just has to be put together. Menu planning can be a huge pain in the tush.. it is time consuming and you end up feeling like all your thoughts revolve around food.. So lets strip it to the bottom line.. to become obese.. wouldn't you say one is a bit food obsessed anyhow? I mean folks that do not think about food usually do not have a weight issue. Folks that use food as fuel and thats it.. well.. perhaps they have other issues.. in fact most probably they do. However for those of us.. who have been weight loss warriors all or the better parts of our lives.. We are food obsessed.. I am going to stand up proud and say that.. there is nothing wrong with it.. what is wrong is when your focus is glued to unhealthy choices.. when the swiss roll looks better than the angel food cake with strawberries.. when the Ben and Jerrys Pint looks better than a single serving of a lower calorie option.. When Fried chicken looks better than broiled or grilled chicken... When Wendy's overrules Subway or a similiar place.. For people that choose to live in the real world these are real decisions... knowing your weaknesses and your strengths are great tools for success. If you know you are a sweet eater.. have choices for yourselve..( IF you look at most successful weight loss programs .. not just WW they allow for all of these venues....) everything from fruits to even single serve portions of treats.. Plan those in the program... If you are a meat eater.. figure out a way to include it with out over including it.. For example. Steve and I plan to divide the weeks menu up.. 1 night Fish.. it can be sushi, it can be talapia , orange roughy, shrimp.. whatever.. ( NOT FRIED THOUGH) One night is meat night.. Steak or lamb.. Steve likes pork.. I am not a big fan unless its BBQd.. 2 nights its chicken.. 1 night is left overs or pot luck...1 night its veggies or pasta and one night is open for going out to dinner. It is really lovely to have a partner is this.. though Steve won't be following WW he will be in a sense because I am .. and since we both do the cooking.. well.. he benefits a bit by losing weight too.. We also decided on Sunday mornings that we would alternate gym nights with walking the dogs.. So tommorow night I will go the the gym.. (Steve might come too) either to swim or walk on the track.. ANYTHING TO GET STARTED and in the HABIT then the following night is a dog walking for now thats 2 nights dog walking and 2 nights gym.. eventually we will boost it up..
Thats it for a Monday
Time to go to WW and log my stuff.
Wish me well
Wish you well too


buddha_girl said...

I highly recommend trying some new whole grains in your cooking. Quinoa is a new one I'm hooked on right now. I can't eat rice post-surgery, so I try to find other alternatives.

I'm also a fan of whole wheat couscous. I tend to flavor it with nuts and dried fruits and serve it with grilled chicken. I think you'll like it!

I'll email some other ideas I use!

40 by 40 said...

Can Steve come to my house? aren't kidding with him being a great support system. YAY STEVE. Sounds like you are very motivated and so well prepared! You sound great. Enjoy all the healthy habits! Have a great day!

Lady T said... sweet of him!

yes, the menu prep can be murder. a huge reason why its not working with me living in the house with my family. they simply dont respect if i put something the fridge and label it mine. they eat it. everything in the fridge belongs to the family......

thanks for stopping by! i actually responded to your comment under my comments on my other blog too.....

Scale Junkie said...

YAY for being prepared! I'm so glad Steve is jumping into this with you. I'm sure he wants you to be healthy so he has you in his life for a very long time.

Great plan with the meals! I'd be lost without my planning.

Grumpy Chair said...

Honi you inspired me to do this on Wednesday (shopping day) with my fruits and veggies (I usually wash them after getting home, but I don't cut them up, etc.)

I know with a supportive husband you are going to do just great on WW.

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