Tuesday, April 8, 2008


You are craving something... ohh.. I dunno.. pizza, chips... chocolate... good you with the halo on his/her head sits on your shoulder and says .. see you can resist this.. you dont really need it.. eat an apple instead.. Naughty comes over wacks good you on the head and takes the halo.. and well.. uhm.. puts it where the sun does not shine... wham.. good you has fallen into a vat of chocolate ice cream. Naughty you rubs his/her hands together and sticks a napkin under his/her chin.. and says .. LETS CHOW DOWN BABY in a really loud almost crazed voice.. WHO DO YOU LISTEN TOO? do you buy another bag of those Lays crunchy really yummy things ~yes I was obessed with them until I bought my second bag and had some and threw out again..~ I tried the parmesean flavor this time.. yikes too good.. ( I KNOW I SHOULD BE SMACKED IN THE HEAD) or do you hear the haunting voice of the good you and eat an apple instead.. NAUGHTY YOU VS. GOOD YOU? who are you listening too....???
Wish me well
Wish you well too


Shari said...

I try not to listen to the voices in my head! However, they can become quite loud when a delicious "something" enters on my radar - like those "cracker" chips you've been experiencing. I was so good earlier...was hungry so I ate some p'nut butter (reduced fat) with a few whole grain crackers and a plum. Lunchtime came and what did I do? Went and got a fruit & yogurt milkshake. Why ? Because I could! I don't know why we do those things, but we do.
Have you gotten over your jet lag yet? :*)

Lora said...

I'm afraid I listened to the naughty voice today. I came home from school ravenous (dont' know why it;s always that time of day) and I ate a big bowl of ice cream!

buddha_girl said...

PLEASE don't take this the wrong way - I completely understand the angel and devil voices. You know this.

With that said, this post made me LAUGH HEARTY AND LONG!

Buying that new package of those stupid cracker crisps is SO something I used to do. Oy vey! I feel your pain sister!

Today, I wanted a bagel with tons of cream cheese along with high-test coffee and real half and half.

Instead, I had half a sandwich, a salad with fat-free dressing, and a diet Coke. I wish I could say it was always that easy.

Anonymous said...

Sounds very familiar!! And you know what.. I talk back! Although it might seem like I'm talking to myself, I actually sometimes say out loud to that naughty voice 'thanks but no thanks, I am not hungry! go away'.. or something to that effect.
Crazy? who, me ? ;)
Whatever works!

Grumpy Chair said...

The Chubby Cherub usually wins these days, but when I am the good little dieter, I win.

Welcome back home!!! I can't wait to check out your Israel blog.