Saturday, July 14, 2007


Okay that is the perfect definition of how I feel right now.. I am beat tired.. and pooped I have slept ohh a little over 6 hours the past 2 days.. Thursday I simply was a little wired.. and right now I am taking care of my nieces puppy who decided to have a crying jag at 3 am.. ARRRRRRRRRGHHHH.. Cookie is a bit distressed about all of this and unless I have her in the back yard she hangs very close to me.. as if to tell Chloe .. hey this is my mom.. back off... Bazzie could care less as long as she stays away from his food bowl... I have been keeping her crated when they are in the house.. Cookie started baring her teeth at the puppy.. I say started because i looked at Cookie and gave her the I DONT THINK SO EYE... and she kinda put her head down and started wagging her tail.. as if too say ..oops mom was not suppose to see that... and besides I was just kidding... lol... I have been giving extra loving to Cookie and Baz while Chloe has been here so they both know they are boss pups of the house... Cookie seems the most distressed she has taken to sleeping on the bed with me.. as well .. she only does that in the winter time... Well I am taking Chloe back to moms house early in the morning then I grocery shop, clean the house , do laundry and brush the dogs out.. and somewhere in there take a NAP .. speaking of which .. I am pooped .. hopefully I will get to sleep through the night tonite...
We got all the invitations done .. YAY... that really makes me feel better.. and I met the girl who will be doing my hair.. and the guy I love from the MAC counter at Saks is back .. Yeah I know what u are thinking.. what on earth am I doing going into Saks 5th Avenue... they have a AWESOME makeup area.. and the sales folks are friendly and knowledgable.. I love going there... plus they give TONS of samples of creams and things.. so I bought some Keihls lotion and lip balm and exfoliator... I also got some MAC primer and the MAC guy gave a sample of some foundation he wants me to try.. I have an appointment with him to do a makeover for the wedding for me.. then I am going to purchase what ever we pick out for me.. and then the girl who is going to do my hair will do my makeup.. and it turns out she knows the MAC guy which is really good.. HOPEFULLY she is not going to be super expensive to do my hair and makeup for the wedding... so that worked out cool today.. I am going to see her in August for a trim so she can get a good feel for my hair.. then in October we are going to do a run through with hair and makeup.. so thats always fun... okay enough of the fru stuff.\
Eating wise had a light day today which is good... I feel good.. mostly.. My toe is killing me again. it flaired up last night.. the one that was suppose to fixed .. in grown toe nail.. I am not going back to the skin doctor for this.. she charged me cosmetically last time for the toe when she removed part of the nail.. I am going to go to a podiatrist this time so it will be filed as medical as it should have been before.. pissed me off to hell and back.. I am still paying on that bill.. Just by staying off the foot this evening and not wearing closed shoes a lot of the swelling has gone down but the pain is still there... OTHERWISE life is all good..
Wish me well
Wish you well too....


Critter said...

I may have to check out the MAC counter at Saks if you reccomend it.

buddha_girl said...

COSMETIC? Stupid wench. I'm glad you'll see a podiatrist this time and get things fixed up without spending an arm and a leg!

I LOVE profession make-up people! Yes yes yes!

My hair chick did my hair for my wedding day for was a wedding "gift" to me. She came to my hotel, kicked all of the annoying people out of my room, made me herbal tea, and then made me beautiful. It was a great experience!

Good luck with Chloe! Puppies cna try the patience of saints on howly nights like your last two!