Tuesday, July 17, 2007


My poor toe.. its black and blue near the base where the shots were... and it is still bleeding the doctor said it will do that for about a week.. so to be careful.. and call should the bleeding get bad.. I asked what constitutes bad bleeding and they said if I go through a bandaide an hour... okay.. I can deal with that..
OHH BEFORE I FORGET... got a great recipe for you guys.. easy easy to make.. and a great snack to keep around the house.
Store bought pita chips can be pricey calorie wise
So.. now I make my own... I get either whole wheat pita bread (140 calories for a round) or I get Oat Bran ( 90 calories for a round) I slice them into 4 triangles then I divide the sides so I have triangles covering my cookie sheet.. I spray each triangle with spray on butter and sprinkle the flavor of my choosing on top.. (cinnamon and splenda) or parmesean cheese.. etc... then I bake until brown.. it makes a great snack and VERY LOW FAT .. Sometimes I will do a whole bag of pita bread and stick the chips in a container.. great for movies... or lunches or a snack with a little cheese.
Lost 1 pound as of Sunday .. from what I had gained. so that is good.. 1 pound + the 50 other pounds and I am ready to go LOL.. seriously its all good.. I am back on track.. and trying to just deal with things as they come...
Wish me well
Wish you well too..

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Eve said...

You'll just have to come up with a tall tale for your black & blue toe. Maybe a vampire with a foot fetish?

Just caught up on the last few entries. Sorry Ruthie is know.

You'll get through the plateau and start losing that weight again. And I'm so glad Steve's ok.