Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I am not a flashy person... I never have been. I like attention on me but not too much.. You know.. I worry about the t ypical stuff.. my graying but not yet ready to dye it hair, do I have something between my teeth, or something hanging out that should not be kind of worry.. I have a group of wonderful friends and family who are throwing me a shower.. now considering I am not a shower person and really wanted a couples party... but the other half of this particular couple did not want to do that.. so this half ( me) agreed to have a dinner party with the girls.. this has turned into a pottery party at a local craft shop.. you paint your own pottery.. the hostesses are going to paint one piece for me and each of the guest paints something that I have already picked out.. that is their shower gift to me. I thought that was kinda cool.. different .. and I liked the idea.. I only had one request.. a couple years ago I had a wonderful slice of carmel cake that has always stuck out in my mind.. I have never had the chance to have it since.. So when asked what cake I wanted I said that one... there was turmoil about it because it was a little over budget but apparently a good friend combined with the efforts of my soon to be daughter convinced the group to just get the darn cake. Yay .. I promised myself one slice..thats my treat..and the event will be really fun.. I am going to paint something too.. I really liked that shop there were all kinds of things to do like glass fusion, mosaics .. really nifty things... so that will be fun.. that will be the end of July.
I like to be just as goofy as the next person.. but in my own realm of goofyness not because someone thinks I should wear or do something .. does that make sense??? So I hope I won't hurt any feelings or be considered a party pooper if I dont want to play wedding games... or wear a veil in my hair or anything else other than my hair.. I just am not into that kinda stuff... oh well...I am very excited about this party... and I dont mean to sound ungrateful thats not how I am .. I am VERY grateful for my good friends.. I guess I would assume people would know my likes and dislikes better... maybe I should become a BRIDZILLA.. what do u think?? kidding of course...
Okay next on my agenda here... is the title of my blog.. Toes over the edge... sometimes I really feel that way with stress.. For example I got in a little disagreement over the phone with my mother while I was eating lunch today.. I promise you my lean cuisine was gone in less that 6 minutes because I ate it so fast... I was so mad at myself... I was angry that I had allowed her to push me to that point. I am going to have to be firm with her now.. its really over nothing...she and my niece are going to atlanta this weekend and I had agreed to watch my nieces puppy Fri nite and sat day.. and returning said puppy Sat nite... BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... plans changed and my niece is staying in Atlanta until Tuesday ... and apparently my mother said she would happily take care of the pup while my niece was gone.. My mother is coming back Sat nite late... MY MOTHER also ASSUMED I WOULD CARE FOR THE PUP ALL WEEKEND returning her on Sunday nite... I told her I would bring the pup back to the house early Sunday morning.. My dogs do not like this puppy.. So I have 2 big dogs who live in and out of the house to deal with plus this little 2 pound puppy. I Have plans this weekend.. firm ones.. I am getitng all my invitations set up and stamped so that all I have to do on the given mail out dates is drop stuff in the mail.. that has been my plan for about a month now.. and my Mother got angry with me because I would not let her help.. well hell .. if she was going to be here Saturday she could help fine.. she wanted me to do everything on SUNDAY she assumed I would change all my plans to her schedule and do it when she wanted.. I told her.. Mom I have had this planned for a while.. this is what I am doing... u are doing your thing and I am doing mine.. SORRY... she is upset with me because I am not letting her help with the invitations.. OH well... welcome to my Wednesday!!!

Tomorrow I go for my first round of PT YAY and back on course to the world of exercise .. YAY.. so cross your fingers guys... and wish me luck...
BREATH IN.. BREATH OUT and MOVE ON!!! yeah I know.. I need to remember that too..
Wish me well

Wish you well too.

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