Tuesday, July 3, 2007


BIG MEDICINE VS. BROOKHAVEN OBESITY CLINIC I watched both shows last night... Steve asked me if this was my latest obsession to watch these shows.. much like I enjoy American Idol or America's Got Talent.. or shows like that.. I actually know that I will watch these 2 shows...
One makes me sad and the other makes me mad. Big Medicine takes those patients who really have no other alternative in MOST cases and helps them by assisting then in losing weight with bariatric surgery. I say assisting because in the real world that is exactly what these surgeries do.. they are not a quick fix as claimed by Brookhaven obesity clinic. Its an assist for those who can not control themselves. Now on the flip side of that.. I do think that all other avenues really need to be exhausted before sugery becomes an opption. I have never thought that weight loss surgery is a good thing because even though it might force a patient to eat less because of the procedure done, what does it teach the patient??? nothing... I think every avenue has to be used when having this surgery that simply means a combination of surgery, eating right and exercise and therapy. I think thats one of the reasons I like Big Medicine because they are coming from every angle. Last nights episode brought to light several things about bariatric surgery that I did not know.. One that.. a lot of folks exchange one addiction for another.. once they have the weight under control in many cases these patients turn to alcohol as their next addiction. I think thats why I like the fact that they approach this with a therapist as well.. Someone who recognizes when a patient is really ready for surgery and when they would switch one addiction for another in some cases. I watch both shows because I can relate to the inviduals so well.. I can relate to those eating issues as if they are my very own.. and in some cases they are my very own. Some of the folks at Brookhaven had so many wonderful opportunities yet they continued to make poor eating choices.. this baffled me.. Who out there would not grab at the chance to be in one place.. no kids, no distractions just a place to work on ourselves and slowly get back into our lives after we have gotten on the road to achieve our goals.. I would have loved to had that chance... However for most us out there.. we have to incorporate our lifestyle changes from the get go.. and learn how deal with obstacles along the way .. We do not get to focus our energy on changing right away ... It made me sad to see some of those patients still binge eat..... when there are so many folks out there that would love that help but can't get it. Maybe our way is better .. dealing with the real world as we make our changes.. maybe in the long run that is the best way... I am not sure to tell you the truth..
In any respect I guess it is fundementally about what works for the individual in the long run.
If you have not watched these shows yet.. try too.. they are on Monday nights on the TLC channel.. Its a sad yet interesting perspective.
Wish me well..
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Critter said...

I missed Big Medicine but did watch Brookhaven. I don't understand why the hospital allows the patients to order take out. I know that they will be able to get these foods in the real world but they are not in the real world they are in a hospital and it should be ship up or ship out!

TooFatToFly said...

Yeah, I agree with what you had to say about the Brookhaven Hospital.

I watched this series not so long ago and it amazed me to see how some of the patients were still openly bingeing and ordering takeouts.

They had all the resources open to them, yet they abused the trust of the Hospital. There must be hundreds of other patients willing to take their place.

If I were given a chance like that, I would make the most of the resources open to me.

Lins xx