Monday, July 23, 2007


Ranting.. I ask... what on earth is the family of this man thinking???? how and why do they think it is necessary to indulge him with all of this food... I would say if he was my family member it would either be tough love.. or I would have to abandon him.. he made his choice that food is more important than anything including living... I had to stop watching this documentary on TLC last night.. it made me physically ill.. I wanted to know how someone could eat that much food in day..why.. ??? I try so hard to relate... I watch my food habits.. I see what I eat.. I know and understand binging... but why on earth would someone eat themselves literally into oblivion.. ??? The show showed how that if his family did not feed him.. he would order out.. and order out literally by lowering a bucket with money down to the street and having the bucket filled with what he ordered. So why is this guy allowed money?? why is his family not intervening.. ??? why do they fry him up food in deep oil.. Okay the boy wants to eat a lot fine.. ( actually he is a 38 year old man) give him a head of lettuce.. tear that up... in a big bowl.. grill up a couple pieces of bonelss skinless chicken and slice that into the salad.. load it with veggies.. and a little light dressing.. let him gorge on that.. at least he would get some nutritional benefit from it.. so all he wants is saugsage , white bread.. eggs and God knows what else... too bad so sad... don't give him alternatives.. if he allow himself to be paraded on tv.. I would hope that would inspire his family to help him.. all they are doing is sending him to a quicker death... his organs are already outsized by his body fat.. his bones are being compressed together in such away that is squeezing his internal organs.. HELLLO doesn't someone care.. ??? I am sorry if I sound a bit heartless.. and opinionated on this.. and granted if he does not want help.. then I say leave the situation.. Don't allow yourself to look back as a family member and know that you helped kill him.. walk away... then.. walk away if he does not want help.. and get him professional help if he wants it.. Truth is.. when I saw him I had to wonder if he was beyond help.. I would hope no one is beyond help.. but maybe the facts are that out there in the is cold cruel world of ours.. People are actually beyond help.. I do not know why I could not watch that show last night... I have never watched something that made me physically ill like that.. Normally, I like watching these types of shows.. I find them educational and I try to understand what these people are going through.. but I just do not understand that I guess.. perhaps I am not as open minded as I would like to think... Those of you that read my blog ... are or have been going through these life style changes... some of you came from very obese backgrounds... some of you not so much... Some of you are like me still struggling.. having lost a significant amount of weight .. and fighting to keep your game face and game plan going... Some of you are just beginning... Some of you have reached your goal a long time ago... I thought with all that knowledge and experience out there maybe someone has some idea..... some answer as to why one person would consume so much food... I almost feel it has to be more than addiction.. something deeper.. I just simply do not know..
As for myself... I saw the podiatrist today and managed to get a infection in the toe.. ( do you think that had anything to do with riding 200 miles on a motorcycle and wearing closed toed shoes then walking around the flea market (OUTSIDE) in Atalla...???) *YA THINK??? geez I was stupid.. he said I probably picked the infection up with in the last 48 hours.. so I am back on antibiotics whoooo hooo... and I am off to PT this afternoon too.. so between my shoulder (and back) and toe.. I am a piece of work right now .. :-) All is well otherwise.. eating.. is on track... still eating more than I want.. around 1350 calories.. but working to bring it down..
Wish me well
Wish you well too...

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cadbury_vw said...

i cannot understand why the family wouldn't intervene

they could also disconnect his phone so he can't order out...