Monday, July 16, 2007


OKAY SO .. I did it.. I went to the podiatrist.. you know things are not good when the Doctor looks at your foot and goes WOW that is bad... in fact I am surprised you did not go the ER.. in fact its a good thing you did not GO to the ER... this very well could have put in you in the hospital in 2 or 3 days had you not come in.. Turns out I had an abcess.. Same friggin toe that I had worked on a couple months ago.. apparently that doctor did not get the root cauterized so I was back in Ingrown toenail hell... it kinda scared me when it turned purple yesterday... I decided to soak it in Epsom salt yesterday too and that helped.. I was very surprised to learn it was pretty bad today .. So first came the cold spray and then the NEEDLE.. several inches of needle went into my foot right where the 3rd and second toe on the left foot join. It was not until about 5 minutes ago when I slid my flip flop off that I noticed the base of my toe had 3 puncture marks and is black and blue... I can not see the rest of the toe beause it is wrapped up.. I am on antibiotics, I have drops I have to put on it.. I have wash it with peroxide for a week, 2 times a day, put the drops on and keep it wrapped.. no swimming until after I see the Doctor again next Monday.. He also is watching another toe on the other foot and worked on a bit to try and prevent any sort of issue like I am having right now.. He looked at me and said.. "we wont ever allow this to happen again right???" I assume he met me.. considering I was the only we in the room ... ohh I learned the hard way to .. only let a foot doctor handle issues of the foot.. no matter what they are. the skin doctor cost me over 300.00 because she considered this cosmetic not medical.. and them damn thing IS MEDICAL.. shame she did not do it correctly either... well I can not blame it on her.. it was my own damn fault for not going to a podiatrist in the first place.
Otherwise.. all is well.. will heal from this and get back to exercising right now thats on hold for this week. Heading to PT right now.. at least I will get a bit of a work out with that...
Eating has been good.. though not perfectly on target.. it has been good!!
Wish me well
Wish you well too...


TooFatToFly said...

Oh dear, it sounds as if you have been through the wars lately.

I hope your foot will heal up pretty soon. At least you've now had the proper treatment for it :-)

Wishing you a good week!


Lins x

cadbury_vw said...

i hate needles so bad

just your description caused me pain

buddha_girl said...

Holy bajoly, woman!

Take care of your tootsies! Try to elevate as well. It will help decrease the swelling.

I wish we were closer so I could help, but I'm sure Steve will TLC you to death!

Like Cadbury, the needle description made me ILL. I LOATHE needles and will avoid them at any cost!