Monday, July 2, 2007


I am not sure what I believe these days... I peruse the net for info about the latest Fat Acceptance information. All of these questions come to mind... Accepting being Fat... is that just Giving up? Accepting that you are a fat person and thats okay.. I am not saying that being Fat is a bad thing.. I have been fat since the day I was born..I have spent more of my life as an obese person than as a healthier smaller person. I look at Fat Acceptance and I wonder what this means... Fat is fine for some people.. They are comfortable with their size and are trying to negotiate with the general public to lay off fat jokes... and accept them as they are. In theory I have no problem with that.. In reality I have no problem with accepting those who choose to be large. Yet I also realize how this world is.. and these folks will always have a more difficult time because they are yet another minority in a health oriented yet morbidly obese world... (WTF) a health oriented yet morbidly obese world?? Go figure that one out.... People all over the world spend billions upon billions of dollars investing in the latest fad to change their body shape with out they themselves having to do the raw hardcore ugly work....In this real world of ours where fat is associated with sloppy and unkept ... I seriously doubt no matter what... that there ever will be true fat acceptance.. for just like any minority... they will always have some hurdle to over come. Now is that why I have chosen a different path...???
NOPE.. we know why I chose this path... because if I did not choose this path.. I was going to die.. bottom line thats why. I started blogging.. and met some wonderful folks that have helped me along... this very long and somewhat perilous journey... Every day I take time to learn more about what I am going through.. and I ask lots of questions.. because I want this time to be the last time I struggle with this... ... because being a weight warrior is something I will be until the day I am planted in the ground. This will be a constant for me.. accepting that was the hardest part of losing my weight so far it was almost as hard as calling myself Morbidly Obese and I had to realize in order to achieve success with any of this I had to accept the truth...... knowing there is no end .. only constant change as I approach new situation after new situation... it was hard to accept that.. but by blogging... by making friends with you guys.. by finding blogs that fill me with comfort and inspiration.. it is so helpful... I don't have any firm thoughts on fat acceptance.. I know that I could never accept myself as I am .. thats why I am trying to change myself... I can not wait to hit the 30 pound mark and when I am finally finished.. at the very end my body will be less 79.5 pounds.. I am going to do this... with your help...
I have a blog I love to read ... it is called the Diet Pulpit.. click on it sometimes.. its located in my side bar.. I love the varied and many topics they discuss.. I love the links .. and I always feel so good after a visit and sometimes I even comment on stuff.. its just a really informative and warm place to visit... check it out...

Well wish me well
Wish you well too..

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Critter said...

I struggle with Fat Acceptance too. Sometimes I want to yell I fat I here deal with and order some super sassy outfit from Torrid. But then reality sinks in when it's time to take my medication for my High BP and I remember why I am doing this.