Sunday, July 1, 2007

OKAY I FIBBED a little

Okay .. Okay.. I admit it I fibbed a little I never made it to the pool.. but I am taking my swim suit with me to work tommorow and some exercise clothes ( I have to wear those at the doctors so I can get the Xrays.. * sorry won't wear the lovely paper fashions they have at his office.. i can wear a plain cotton Teeshirt and yoga pants and be fine... and comfortable too.. am worried about the shoulder more than normal now.. I have pain in my chest to the bone.. and pain down the left arm to the elbow to the bone.. thats nerves I can tell that... when I move my hand a certain way it will tingle.. so that tells me there is a lot of inflammation... the chest pain is in the bone and muscle just as the radiating pain down the spine and across the right shoulder blade is all radiating pain... not the reall source which lies buried in the left shoulder blade... It will be nice to finally have it diagnosed with a name instead of calling it that pain in my shoulder like I have done for 9 years.. hard for me to believe that accident was nearly 9 years ago.

Well time to go grocery shopping
wish me well
wish you well too

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