Tuesday, May 22, 2007


OKAY .. so here it is.. mid late .. no late afternoon and my cell phone rings.. I answer it.. and its a woman on the other end.. obviously she knows me and it has probably been around 2 years since we have seen each other .. maybe more.. She knew my momma, my Steve, me.. and I HAVE NO CLUE AS TO WHO THE HELL I WAS TALKING TOO>>> for 20 minutes LOL OY VEY.. LOL>. I still have no clue who that was she said her name but I did not understand her very well.. She knew I used to work for a franchise of BBV at the home office.. and she thought I was still there.. she had my cell phone as my work phone too.. Lord help me I have no clue who that person was.. I am still thinking about calling her back and saying.. excuse me.. this is Honi.. and apparently my mental book of knowledge (at least when it comes to remembering people) regarding remember folks is a bit dusty and I have no clue who u are .. nahh.. I just can not do it.. and I still can not believe I stayed on the phone with her and had no idea who I was chatting with.. lol.. I am such a dummy sometimes... and then I get to embarrassed to ask .. now who did you say this was??? I should have not answered my cell and just let my voice mail get it.. next time when I do not recognize a number I am going to do that.. OHHh and yes I tried to google the number and white page reverse the number.. no luck.. Oh well..

More from the Land of Honi :

Getting ready to start reading the Beck Solution.. and seeing what tips I can incorporate in my life . Should be a interesting read..
Eating has been pretty good . OHHH friends.. tonite I tried the stuffed cabbage and mashed potatos Lean Cuisine for 200 calories.. pretty good I would say.. will do it again.. HOWEVER.. big however here.. its not very filling.. so this was a bit of a problem .. because right now I am hungry.. well I still have my Sugar free fudge pop.. I can have so thats good...
Anyone out there an American IDOL fan... I think Jordin..has it nailed.. will see the results tommorow night.. GO JORDIN!!!! yes I did call a few times and voted for her tonite..
Alrighty.. time for me to wrap this up and blog back tomorrow..
Wish me well
Wish u well too..

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