Friday, May 4, 2007


Hmmm well. no major challenges this weekend.. just a quiet weekend... I got on the scale this morning and much to my chagrin it was up a little.. not stressing about it.. I don't officially weigh until Monday and I plan on going to the Fitness Center tomorrow in the morning.. and Sunday sometime.. and Going for a good walk too with a friend or taking Cookie for walk as well.. So I will have an active weekend which is good.. Going to clean out the fridge.. and pantry too.. I always like to do that from time to time then I like to go and get new groceries.. gives you a good perspective on what you REALLY need and what you Really want.. not to mention its nice opening a clean pantry and a clean fridge... Sounds so exciting right.. lol..

Okay.... for the last week I have had weird dreams.. Last week I dreamt that my my Boss the good Doctor.. gave me a RX for eating Icecream Lol.. We were standing in the office and she handed me an RX and said.. this is for you.. I read it and it said I AUTHORIZE YOU TO EAT ICE CREAM lol.. I woke up after I read the RX... Then last nite I dream I had a pig fest.. I ate and ate.. and ate and ate.. etc... WHAT IS GOING ON IN MY HEAD??????? not eating anything out of the ordinary that might give me weird dreams.. just having them on my own I guess.. Who knows.. Maybe I am obsessing about food in my dreams because I am afraid I am going to binge or something.. I just do not know..
Well folks.. Wish me well.
Wish you well too..


WeightWatchnWoman said...

Don't worry about what the scale said today, by Monday it will be fine.

Southern Fried Fatty said...

I dream about binging too. I hear that the RX for ice cream is cheaper in Canada.

Rick said...

Thanks for linking to us! I'm putting in a reciprocal link at our place. Best of luck to you as you embark on this endeavor.