Saturday, May 12, 2007


Well so here is the scene.. Steve and I decided to take an evening motorcycle ride to Fresh Market to pick up some apples and odds and ends... Well as I am getting on the bike.. I say to Steve.. " look there is a lizard on the drain pipe against the house.. his reply was .. there are 2 of them... Me being of not so good vision looks again.. and then Steve said they are having sex.. EXCUSE ME... OHHH now I see.. 2 lizards.. and one is kinda moving around ahh.. okay.. just what I have always wanted to see.. Hmm they should get a room at the lizard inn I said to Steve.. he laughed... they.. where just doing what comes naturally and I happened see their "naturally" okay.. the rest of the evening thus far as been uneventful..
SO I decided to check my trusty blog to see if I had any thoughts on my last post and I did.. Thanks to you both so far... Coco I have not read that book yet.. let me know what you think of it.. I think I am too anal to try intuitive eating.. I think if I listened to my body in that way it would say. Please eat that cheeseburger.. and it really is okay to have that triple thick shake.. and ohhhh that buddy bar.. nooo probably not such a good idea for me.. all though.. as it has been pointed out to me.. that this plan I am on.. will be ever changing for the rest of my life.. I guess I still feel as if it all is in its infancy still.. I am still learning how to control the tickle to binge.. I still trying to learn what I call alternative eating.. in other words.. if there is a hershey bar and an apple next to each other which should I choose.. I am learning that the apple is a good alternative to the candy... fact is though the candy may be sweet and delicous and really taste good.. it wont give me anything but a sugar rush.. while the apple will give me vitamins.. fiber.. and a good sweetness. hmmm seems like the apple is a good alternative ... Now does that mean I totally rule out chocolate.. NOpe.. I get my chocolate light soy milk.. I get my chocolate sugar free popcicle .. so I am not with out it... so there really is no denying myself.. just making alternative choices... This is hard my friends.. this learning.. that these are not temporary changes... I have such a strong will to succeed as each of you do.. I learn so much from each of your been there done it comments.... I learn so much from each of you and so appreciate your support please know that... Aside from the Lizard sex .. I am still in Scale dilemma... keep your thoughts coming... As we know.. .I have my official once a month weigh in with my nutritionist.. and I am weighing 3 times a week at home.. my scale and her scale are fairly well matched.. only difference is .. is that at home I way first thing in the morning.. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday ... this will be weird not going to weigh this Monday night.. but I think I can do this.. Once Sara has gone back to school... I will be riding my recumbant bike again in the mornings... ( she leaves on tuesday) then if I want I can take in some extra time at the club on my way home from work to exercise some more.. or as I call it bonus exercise... then I can weigh there if I want.. or NOT.. I would like to get to where I monitor myself at home.. and weigh officially once a month with my nutritionist.. We are thinking of doing a resting and active metabolism test.. to see how well my metabolism is working.. and we are also thinking about doing a test called the bod pod.. you go in this machine.. it sucks the air out of the machine and it measures the ratio of body composition to bone.. or something like that.. I know it is a good way to see how much actual fat your body is losing and how much muscle you are gaining.. so those are 2 tests on the horizon... those are other good monitors.. I really have to work on.. not viewing the scale as an enemy.. I tell people its not but in a way to me it is still.... I really need to work on this too.. well enough rambling for tonite..
Wish me well
Wish you well too..

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Coco said...

I LOVE it . . . "alternative eating"! lol!!! Do you mind if I steal that? Tomorrow I 'officially' start my 'program,' and I don't have a word to call it (words are important to me, especially when people ask, & I don't feel like going into lengthy explanations) . . . certainly not "diet" . . . making better food choices . . . "alternative" ones ;). . . moving regularly . . . getting used to human-sized portions (especially if you're a human who's 5'0", not 6'4" like her always hungry hubby . . .) . . . Those tests actually sound kind of exciting, especially after all the hard work you're doing . . . it'll be good to see it all affirmed. PLEASE keep it up, cuz lots of us are continually inspired by you!!!