Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Do you ever forget to breath? I don't mean that kind of breathing that keeps you alive.. I mean the breathing that KEEPS YOU ALIVE.... the cleansing breaths from a deep sigh of satisfaction.. of contentment. The deep cleansing breath that allows your body to fill with oxygen and lets you just relax for a moment.. I forget that .. So when I remember.. and really really breath.. it is as if time slows down for a few minutes... stress and anxiety slip away and are replaced with a momentary contentment.. That is truely great feeling.
I have learning that I will not die if I do not weigh myself.. sometimes I will go to the closet and grab the scale and the second my hands touch the cool steel I am jolted to remember I do not need to stand on it right now.. I can do that tomorrow morning.. Thursday my weigh day .. and survive.. Monday Thursday and Saturday those are my scale days. I can breathe.

I like going outside now.. I like playing frisbee with my dogs... I like breathing outside.. ( except for today.. our air quality is very poor due to the fact that because of all the fires in Georgia.. the smoke has captured this part of Alabama.. and it is bad.. its very smokie out and when u walk out of your home or business it smells like someone is burning something right in your back yard.. its amazing to think this is all because of those fires.. I was concerned about leaving my dogs outside.. but it seems to have gotten a clearer outside I can finally see the sky... ) well for now I am gonna wrap things up..
wish me well..
wish you well too


FatMom said...

Do you do yoga, Honi? Love the whole breathing thing! Congrats on your scale strength!! Hope those fires clear out soon. Take care of you!

buddha_girl said...

Breathing is one of my purest pleasures! I think we should all concentrate on simpler things in life like that!

Pretend that scale is a rabid wolverine. I used to be addicted to weighing myself. Now I don't weigh myself unless I go to the doctor.

Deb said...

Deep breathing always makes me feel better but I tend to forget to do it. Thanks for the reminder! Great job on resisting the scale - thats not an easy thing to do!!

TooFatToFly said...

Great post Honi...

I think I would do well to practise those breathing exercises!

Especially right now, lol...


Lins xx