Wednesday, May 9, 2007

ON MY MIND and our first borns

We have a cat in our house.. Steve's daughter is staying with us for a week and she brought her kitty with her. I have never been around cats for any length of time.. I am more a puppy person.. So this has indeed been an interesting time.. I finally figured out what has me miffed about cats.. When I walk in the house.. I pretty much know where my dogs will be and what they will be doing... Greeting me happily as if I had been gone for a year. With cats it is different.. they are aloof.. come over when they need an ear rub.. they walk on furniture.. and can jump straight up in the air and land on the edge of the kitchen sink with out falling in or off. Cookie steals food from the edge of the counter from time to time.. and her trick is.. well.. uhmm.. she does not take the plate off the counter just the food.. yeah thats her trick.... This kitty won't eat your food on the table or counter but she will sniff it and lick it .. uhmm I think I will pass on licked by a cat food.. however I did let Cookie sniff and lick one of our first borns..BUT I did wash it before we ate them Ha!!


YEP we had our first ripe tomatos earlier this evening ..they were a bit tart but good... hmmmm ....
I promised a review on Lean Plate Club Secrets.. its good for reference but thats really it.. its not a bad investment but I think the EATINGWELL DIET book is the best.. VERY similiar to my program. and the recipes have the TOTAL YUM FACTOR going on...
For you AI fans... awww bye bye LAKISHA.. you did great sweety but you needed to smile more... thats my only complaint about you... Tonites results show was decent.. could have done with out PINK and the group medley it was kind of mauled... Which brings me back to Sara's cat.. She is very well behaved other than walking on furniture and all.. she is rather interesting to watch... and very pretty This is Ellie the cat :

Nice Kitty...

Wish me well Wish you well too.


Cindy174 said...

I have cats, and they are sneaky and can be aloof as well. I don't like the licked by cat food either. Thank's for the book information, I have not had a chance to get any new books lately. I would like one with easy recipes that don't require a lot of expensive stuff. I like to creat my own sometimes, too.
good luck with kitty!

Krissy said...

I'm more of a dog person myself. I have three of them and I'm so accustomed to them that having a cat would probably drive me bonkers. I grew up with only one cat and she passed away at 17 years old - that may play a factor in my dog preference.

But anyway - Those tomatoes look really good. I hope you have many more for you this season.

Are you growing any other fruits or no?

Lady Rose said...

cute tomatoes! cuter kitty :)
I have a very old dog (over 15 years old now). Our next pet may be a cat - I do love cats (had two several years ago).

Lady Rose

cadbury_vw said...

i'm not a complete cat fan.

i like to pet them and play with them, but nothing long term between me and cats

i have a big loyalty thing, and cats have never struck me as being loyal

fun, but not loyal

FatMom said...

Wow, nice first borns! Cute, cute! I do have to say I'm a total cat person, though we do have a dog. Cats are coooollll.