Saturday, May 12, 2007



HONI IS SETTING HER SELF UP FOR FAILURE>>> OBESSING WITH WEIGHING IN.. not a good thing.. and time to nip that rascal in the bud... I will be weighing on my scale as needed .. but not every day... I will weigh in officially with the nutritionist once a month and meet with her at that time. Steve felt that I was starting to obsess about weighing in.. and I agree because those old anxious feelings are creeping up... that means failure is around the corner unless I make a switch.. the good thing about a plan is that you can adapt it and alter it as needed. This is not a diet.. DIETS DO NOT WORK in the sense of a DIET TO LOSE WEIGHT... what works is a plan.. I am on a great plan... life is okay.. and the world will not crumble if I do not go and weigh once a week at the club at the nutritionists office. Breath Honi.. Breath... okay I am breathing.. I feel better now.... Will be posting more in the next few days regarding this... Folks let me know what you think.. I just know I can not get to that obsessing what the scale says point. its a HUGE RED FLAG of failure for me...Life is good..
wish me well

wish you well too


WeightWatchnWoman said...

Hi Honi,

I totally understand you as three weeks ago I stopped weighing daily. It can be very discouraging if the scale does not say what you think it should.

I think you have a master plan by is not the end of the world is correct.

I look forward to reading your blog regarding this subject soon.

Coco said...

Just so you know . . .I am taking your advice (breathing, ONE thing at a time, etc.) . . . and it really is working . . . so you'd better be doing it too! =) BTW, have you read INTUITIVE EATING? Just started . . .