Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Was perusing one of my favorite sites.. THE DIET PULPIT.. and they have an Honesty Challenge going on.

List the 10 reasons you HONESTLY want to lose weight.. it can be postive changes that will need to be made.. or it can be the reasons.. deep down you want to make these changes.. SOOOO
Here goes mine:

1. I want to be healthier.. The doc gave me a choice.. make changes or go on meds
Changes.. that sounded like a healthier alternative than drugs.

2. I want to move easier... Getting on a Motorcycle at 211.5 pounds was no easy task and if it was hard for me I can only imagine how hard it must have been for Steve when we went on road trips... There is a difference after 21.25 pounds.. I can only imagine the difference at 30, 50 + pounds...

3.I want to feel more attractive.. not just for Steve.. but really for me.. I want to go shopping in a regular size store and look in the mirror and not have a panic attack.

4. I want to feel more feminine.

5. I want to be able to play more with my pups... I can do that now.. but not as much as I would like..

6. I want to feel healthier and maybe increase the chance that I might have a few healthier years on this planet..

7. I want to lose weight because I do not want to die

8. I want to lose weight because I choose life.

9. I want to lose weight because there is so much I can NOT do at my previous size and current size.

10. I do NOT want to be looked at anymore with eyes that say " WHAT A PIG" ..

That is my HONESTY LIST... Check out DIET PULPIT and do one too..
Wish me well
Wish you well too..


Deb said...

Your 1st reason is so awesome! It's so hard for us women to focus on health instead of trying to fit into X size jeans or have the scale reach X number. I think if we focus on health the weight is bound to come off! I loved all your reasons for wanting to lose weight - very motivational!! And girl you are gorgeous and DEFINATELY no "pig" as you said in #10!

Lady Rose said...

That is a very powerful LIST! I am so proud of you. :) and I'm very glad you took the challenge! We can do it - together we'll all get healthier!

Grumpy Chair said...

Your #1 is why I was so successful in losing 18 pounds last fall - my blood pressure was up and walking brought it back down 30 points!

Great list!!