Monday, May 14, 2007


MY whole life I have tried to fit in places that it is impossible for me to fit in. Like a revelation this came to me recently. Now I simply work at just being myself.. and if I am liked then thats a good thing.. No more trying to be something I am not and feeling like a clumsy ox. It is hard simply just being me though. Seems I find myself not satisfied. I feel like I am this canvas in a way and I am constantly shifting. I guess thats how it is for everyone.. we have to shift and change as the tide of our lives rolls in and out. Nothing really bad about it.. I like my changes.. Yesterday I chose my wedding dress.. I had no intention of trying this particular dress on.. its a halter style dress. Sara suggested I try it.. she loved it.. she said I had to try it on.. I did.. and it clicked.. not only did it click 2 sizes smaller than when I tried on dresses there the last time.. It clicked. We took off the frufu slip under the dress and the dress fell smooth.. I did not need the extra POOF of the slip under the dress. I still can not believe it was a 14W. That was really neat to me.. The good thing about this particular dress is that should I lose between 10 and 20 pounds before the wedding.. they can adjust the dress. it has no beading along the sides so adjusting the dress is not a problem.. which is a good thing... Our consultant said if I lose 10 pounds the dress will fit perfectly minus a slight alteration... if I lose 20 more pounds by then it can be adjusted as needed... the dress will be in in 12 weeks.. 4 months.. hmmm what will my canvas be in 4 months... Since January I have lost nearly 25 pounds.. that is as of this morning on my scale. I weighed 187. That is the lowest the scale has read since I started. I will be moving my ticker above when I have my official weigh in in June with my nutritionist. So my friends its good..
We all are moving art.. We all our own canvases .. enjoy your new creations.. I am slowly starting to see mine.. I am a work in progress..
Wish me well
Wish you well too...


***CCC*** said...

Oh how exciting!

I bet that dress is going to look gorgeous beyond belief...and I ALSO believe it'll have to be taken're one determined lady! :)

Good luck and congratulations!

Kellie said...

How wonderful---I'm sure the dress will look amazing whether you shed 10 pounds or not. You're a beautiful girl...