Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I ASK MYSELF IS THERE MORE TO THIS SCALE OBSESSION ISSUE. THERE SEEMS TO BE A LOT OF PEOPLE OUT THERE WITH THIS SAME FEELING... I tend to wonder if we are just control freaks and think that if we can control what the scale reads then we are in control of our lives. In the real world.. out of our fantasy zone.. no one is really in control of their lives.. we are controlled by our environment, the people in that environment, the life situation we are in, the lifestyle we are accustomed too etc... It is hard to realize that not much is in our control.. ahhhhhh but then you say .. food basically is in our control.. we can control what we eat.. lets face it.. if it is bad for you.. and you really know its bad.. don't eat it.. thats a pretty simple statement.. simple complex uncomplicated very complicated... not really simple. Food to most of us is far more than food in and of itself.. I think in some form or the other everyone has eating issues.. What about our parents or their parents that were depression era survivors.. they were lucky if they had enough food to go around.. what about those that survived the holocaust, or came from other countries where food was not as accessible as it is in America today. These relatives of ours had to do with out a lot. When food became plentiful some might have taught their children that more is better.. who really knows.. I do know that EXCESS IS NOT BEST...but think about all that is tied with food through out history... people would sell themselves for a loaf of bread. geez.. I doubt too many people would be doing that now.. when you can buy a twinkie for 50 cents.. or less.. Lets come back to us.. us of all ages and backgrounds.. each of us have all of these varied relationships with food.. food is not just for mere survival now.. Food is a way we express love to our families... baking cakes etc... Food is something we give to those that are ill or in need.. or are celebrating.. and so forth... Food no matter how we slice it, is a huge part of our lives.. Some of us can embrace that with no consequence an some of us.. well we have over embraced it.. and dealt with those consequences.. is there MORE... I think that as each of us makes our changes.. as I make my change and live my plan. I can still enjoy food. I also think I won't have to hide behind or wear food as a blanket anymore.. Funny how something that tastes good and feels good going down and creates a warmth in us or sparks an old memory that was good for us.. can create such havoc for us. I do think there is more.. More for us to learn about adapting our lifestyles to still make food enjoyable for us and our families .. yet not let it be our defense.. our hiding place.. Am I a foodie????.. Yeah.. I love to cook.. I love to watch people eat what I make.. I love for people to enjoy my meals.. What have else have I learned... That food in a healthier form can be safe.. and fun. Can be colorful and creative.. and good for me.. So yes there is more.. A lot more... Learning to let go of my scale obsession and learning that food can be safe .. Learning that I don't have to wear it to enjoy it. Learning that the scale is a tool.. not a monster...chasing me around and wacking me in the head.. Learning that I am still learning and will be continually learning and changing and growing.. IN A GOOD WAY.. the rest of my life..
Wish me well
Wish you well too..


Anonymous said...

I hope it's ok to just barge on in here! I hit next blog and came across yours. Congrats on what you are doing for yourself! I am also in the process off losing and getting healthier.n

Lady Rose said...

You are doing great. You are so right - the scale is just a tool. What ever works for someone whether is daily, weekly, or monthly weigh ins is ok - but not obssession to the point of emotional upset or trying to "control" it -- it can only tell you so much.

I'm definitely a foodie too - and I'm learning to recover (or at least handle) my additions to certain foods, and learning healthy ways to cook etc.