Friday, February 2, 2007


I have decided that at the beginning of each of my posts I am going to start with a postive quote that I find and I will also post it in my SIDEBAR under INSPIRATION STATION.. you are welcome to copy any quote you like .. SO here is the first one : There is no "have to" in the journey of life. You don't "have to" do anything...nothing, nada, zip, zilch. You can either choose to do it or you can choose the consequences."- Pat Crose Now on to the serious business of the day YAY!!!! IT IS FRIDAY!... the day is almost done and the weekend approaches.. nothing spectacular going on.. I actually feel fairly decent today... Yesterday was kind of painful though... it took me forever to eat... which I guess is a good thing... I feel good about blogging too.. If folks read my words and can find things they can relate too .. that is just so great to me... why have to make changes alone? if others share similiar goals... I have not been really devine about exercising this week.. with the first half of the root canal done on Wednesday and the second half next Wednesday I have decided that I am going to try and get to the pool this Sunday and this Monday ride the recumbant bike before my class at the wellness center... I might even go Tuesday evening as well just depending on when I get out of the office.. but at least I will get 2 work out days in... Then I plan to start going 3 times a week and eventually go 4 times a week.. and then 5... but for now.. I am working on going 2 the 3... taking those baby steps... Eating has been good..I did not get in all my calories on Wednesday obviously.. Thursday I did good.. and today is going well too. all and all.. things are okay.. Emotionally I am hanging in there.. I just want to succeed at this so badly.. I want to overcome my hurdles.. ( my physical issues.. herniated disks in my back.. torn miniscus in the right Knee and Tendon issues in the right foot) and find myself eventually at the other end of success.. It is like climbling a rainbow.. here we are amidst all these colors we are blending and changing things.. making lifestyle changes.. the rainbow grows and grows.. only our pots of gold are not gold.. but good health.. and it's value is far greater than any numerical thought. Have a great weekend.. Stay focused and have faith in yourself..
Wish me well.... Wish you well too..

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