Tuesday, February 6, 2007


GOOD MORNING!! Well I got to work this morning and saw a rather unusual sight, there were bunches and bunches and bunches of birds all around our office.. they were lined up on the roof top .. like Christmas lights.. They were in the trees and all over the grass.. it was strange.. I guess with all the cold weather in the North these birds are migrating as far South as they can go. As I got out of my car.. I looked around for Alfred Hitchcock that movie THE BIRDS has always tripped me out ... I was scared to death of seagulls when I was a kid.. lol.. oh welll.. I am hoping for a good week, even though tomorrow is the final ( I SURE HOPE SO) part of that dreaded root canal.. My eating has been on target so that is good.. I hope yours has been too...since I am not sure how I will be feeling this week... I am setting my goal for next week to at least go to the pool 2 times preferably 3 and next Monday to walk 8 times around the track before class... Speaking of which.. the class is awesome.. there are some terrific folks in there.. I remember my first impression when I was in that room and watching others come in.. OH MY GOD I AM THE BIGGEST PERSON IN THE ROOM!!!!! but then it occured to me.. that each of us there.. want to change something about ourselves.. or at least get a better grip on eating healthy. It is the same with all of us here.. we each want to change something about ourselves.. Most of us traverse a similar path, Losing Weight Road. LWR is a good thing, but it will not be a smooth journey as we know from our many attempts to traverse this road before.. the thing is.. is that if we have developed a good plan of action.. a good map.. then perhaps this time it will be different.. that when we see huge gaps in the road or when we see drop offs.. we will not panic but build bridges to see us through. A bridge requires just simply being creative with our choices. The foundation of that bridge is simply believing we can succeed. This bridge will be long term, this bridge will be what takes us to the other side .. A BETTER BODY BOULEVARD and HEALTHY CIRCLE.. for a circle never ends .. once we get there.
Wish me well
Wish you well
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