Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Habit is habit and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time.- Mark Twain

Well this time it was not as bad as the last time... However this time my face itches so badly its driving me crazy.. I guess the novacane is wearing off... My jaw is pretty tender right now though and yawning would be no no... I was a little green in my tummy a little bit ago.. so I took a slice of white wheat bread (50 cal) and put a tiny bit less than a teaspoon of PB on it.. I feel better now.. I was going to have some mango but I did not want anything really sweet... going to take some advil too.. my cheek is puffy but not horrible so that is good.. Ice helps all that though. All and all the root canal is finally over and I can move on YAY... gotta go back in a year for a check up.. and in 3 week I have to call my dentist and get ready for the crown to be put on. Otherwise I only have one other gripe and its ... I think I am getting ready to have a cold.. been having that drippy crap down the back of throat and it woke me around 3 this morning ... just hurts ya know.. I even drank green tea last nite.. YUCCCCK... but its suppose to be helpful.. so we will see..

Habit.. what a great word.. we can have good habits.. we can have bad Habits... it is all choice, free will and repeating the same thing over and over and POOF!!!! you have a HABIT ... we can make each effort a new habit.. exercise, choosing a piece of fruit over a piece of cake.. over and over again.. and somehow.. your body just kicks in.. and goes for the HABIT... It can work against us too... Habit... why suppose if we do the opposite... cake over fruit... over and over again.. well then.. we want that cake... I am not saying don't ever have cake.. but make cake the treat.. and fruit the habit.... Meals out a treat and Meals at home a habit. French fries a treat.. VEGGIES a habit... you can anything in moderation... and moderation also means .. every so often... not once a day, once a week.. but ONCE IN A WHILE... and when you feel the need for that treat opt for the smaller size.. eat it slow.. close your eyes and taste your treat... enjoy it... don't fret over it.. and be done with it... Something you might want to try sometime... at your next meal.. as you take a bite of food.. close your eyes... ( don't be embarrassed) close your eyes and concentrate on what is in your mouth... chew it slowly.. feel the texture of your food... taste your food.. let it sit on your tongue for a second or so... swallow it.. and do that a few more times.. I promise food tastes so different when you take time to enjoy it... try it... You'll like it~~
Wish me well
Wish you well too
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Critter said...

Hey Honi! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I see you are from Alabama. Where at? I am from Alabama too. I work in Birmingham but I live in a small town about 40 miles away.