Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.
-Oprah Winfrey

I like that quote.. because what you do with what you have at the time you are in, is the most important thing.. It is all we truely have. I am feeling a bit guilty right now because I just did my food log for the day and my total intake is 1386 calories. Normally I stay closer to the 1200 range.. and here I am 186 calories over where I usually am.. It bothers me.. but in the long run, we are not going out to dinner tonite.. and the reality of that is , that if we were I would probably top out at close to 2000 calories once I ate my way through garlic bread, salad and eggplant parm. and tirmasu (shared of course) for dessert.. that would have been my dinner had we gone to our favorite Italian restaurant. Tonite we are eating at home... Dinner will be salad with rasberry vinegarette dressing, I do a salad with pumpkin seeds, almonds fresh baby greens, manderine oranges.. and the dressing.. it is so good.. Steve is going to make one steak and give me my 1.5 ounces . we are going to have small redskin potatos as well.. baked. and some sauteed spinach with a little garlic. (sauteed in a little Olive Oil) .. so its not an unhealthy meal.. My problem was that I really did not consider my meal planning better.. So by the time I actually filled in what I had eaten it was too late by the time I had entered dinner. It is not that is horrible or anything I know that.. but it sure is amazing how fast the calories add up.. oh well... I will keep a tighter rein tomorrow and tomorrow night I am going to get in the pool so thats good too.. OKAY nothing but Positive and nothing but Potential... its alll goood!!!
Wish me Well
Wish you well too
Until Next time!!

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maria said...

Congratulations for having dinner
home last night.

I'm sure you'll be rewarded this
morning when you step on the scale.