Saturday, February 10, 2007


It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.

In our old selves we find comfort.. we know what the fat body feels like.. no matter how we dress up the word fat that is what it is.. FAT.. we know what it feels like each day , when we struggle up steps, struggle to fit in a seat that is to small for our backsides.. worried that the chair might want to come with us when we leave.. We know the "comfort" of people looking at us twice... or giving us that up an down look.. you know the one.... but if just for a second ...let go of that blanket.. if just for a second we peek out and see what the world offers.. maybe the old is not so good.. maybe being the happy jolly one.. or the quiet one .. or the nice one.. or the pretty face one .. or this one or that one... is just not enough anymore... Maybe the aching knees and easily twisted ankles.. and back that cringes at extra movement.. maybe that safety is just not as sweet anymore.. when we look beyond it all. Obesity is not a comfort... being overweight is a hiding place.. You might sharply disagree with me.. and thats okay.. but there is such a better world out there than the ones we have allowed our old selves to create... Sure ... allowing ourselves that extra piece of pie... or eating whatever excess we want.. might just seem okay.. I loved going to the quick mart buying Buddy Bars, and Rice Krispie treats and Candy bars.. and garbage after garbage and eating it.. I loved it.. well not really because after the excess is gone .. all I really was left with .. is just extra fat and shame .. and acid reflux to the max... and then the realization that now I just have .. more body to move... no comfort in that .. really.... So I am peeking at the other side.. sure there are difficulties.. but what if each of us.. decides that being courageous and shedding our old selves for a new self.. what if .. it is better.. different.. but better.. It takes so much courage to change.. don't kid yourself... Weight loss is about Courage.. Thats the truth.. First comes the courage to change.. the action to change, by changing our lifestyles and lastly having the courage to stay in the new lifestyle even when everything feels so difficult.. NOTICE: I NEVER USED THE WORD DIET>>> diet is a bad word... sure you can go on a diet and lose weight.. but the courage comes in maintaining a new lifestyle.. the word is LIFESTYLE .. change.... Courage....When we see that changing our bodies creates opportunity for new adventures with our families and loved ones.. that is so cool.. I mean what could be better than being with those you love.. and participating with comfort.. thats a pretty good motivator to me...
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Tee said...

Very nice post! This is so meaningful and true. I am here wishing you well. I am sure you will do it!!!