Monday, February 19, 2007


Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action."
-Benjamin Disraeli

ACTIONS. I reallly like that quote.. it is simple and the truth. How do we expect to have happiness in our lives with out creating some kind of action to obtain it. Bad things find us, no matter what. Good things occasionally happen, but more often than not we have to work for those good things. Be it weight loss, a job promotion, a good relationship. Those things do not happen wtih out action. In just a few short minutes I am going to weigh in.. I am a little nervous as always. I hope I am going to have a drop down week. My calorie count this week was a little low...because I have a lot of excitement going on in my life right now.. Yes I will share this good news very shortly but right now I can't. I didn't focus on eating well, much less eating this week.. but I never ate wrong either.. I just let my body dictate wether I was hungery or not. Which I guess is what a lot of people do.. Eat when they are hungry not because the clock says so. I am trying to be very focused with my eating so I dont reach a level where I might go the wrong way. So I am trying to be very careful... This week my action will be to monitor my food intake and increase my exercise.. Next Monday, I am going to walk on the track.. hopefully one mile.. it just depends on my feet .. This time I will not let those in better health who move faster than me deter me.. or make me feel bad. .I will just do my thing. One step at a time.. .. I am going to swim tomorrow nite and thursday night.. and Sunday.. So I am planning all around.. I need to get to class after work.. but I am also having a bout of dry eye.. and I need to get to the pharmacy and get the gel I need for my eye. I also graduated today.. .. what I mean is.. I have joined the realm of progressive lense wearers. I wear glasses part of the week and contacts the rest of the week. The good doctor and I have decided it is time for me to have a little bump up in my Rx .. This weekend I could not read the small type in the paper .. (times for movies) I have severe dry eye anyhow and it has decided to act up a bit because of all the dry air from the heat in the house and office..... No fun but hopefully it will clear up before this weekend.. .. I need to wear my contact lenses Friday and Saturday... big family event. My new glasses wont arrive until next week.. ( for those of you that do not know.. I work for an optometrist) I am excited about my new glasses... they are drill mount.. I have some sharp black frames now that I love.. but since my Rx is so high my glasses tend to be heavy. The new ones will be lighter... and giving into a progressive lens will now prevent me from having any eye strain. It was kinda cool that with just a little bump up.. I could see tiny words so much clearer and defined. Okay enough rambling about eye wear....
Here is to an action filled week for all of us..
Wish me well,
Wish you well too.
Will post stats this evening

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