Wednesday, January 31, 2007


wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I had a great post set up.. and I .. decided to preview and apparently delete it too.. darn it!!! I shared my lovely experience at the Endodontist today.. and how emotionally shocking it was... Actually.. I talked about having a panda bear sitting on the right side of my head... ( that was after the buffalo left) .. I had 4 shots of novacane.. ( one early in the a.m. when I went to the dentist and he concluded I needed to see an endodontist) 3 at the endodontist 2 of those lovely shots were where the first one had been given and one in my palate near the tooth that was going to excavated so to speak. yeah that was pretty cringe worthy.... The worst part was the drilling sound and the feeling of those little saw like things going in and out the nerve roots... I couldnt actually feel it.. but I felt the movement.. no real pain... it was not a horrible thing.. until after I left and felt as if someone was tap dancing on my cheek.. slowly the novacane wore off.. and boy did that shock the old system.. it was some SERIOUS JAW PAIN.. about that time sitting in my office.. I realized I could not eat my lunch.. WHAT???? you say.. not eat????... WHY there is the new quick fix diet.. HAVE A ROOT CANAL and REDUCE ... seriously I could not open my mouth... I spoke with my boss.. she was out of the office.. and she suggested I head home.. which I graciously did.. the pain grew with intensity .. as I passed the wellness center where I go to my weekly class and to swim .... I momentarily thought about stopping there for a swim.. and then.. WHAM>. a new threshold of pain was discovered..and swimming went down the drain reallllll fast.... by then my lower lip on the right side.. was nearly at my chin... my right nostril was droopy and so was my lower right eye lid... as the buffalo roamed across my cheek. Thank god I got home and my Sweet Steve had made a cheese omelet for me.. 2 eggs and low fat cheese.. It took me over 30 minutes to eat that so I could take 4 advil.. I have been sitting here with an ice bag resting on my right shoulder as I type... The pain has slacked up.. and I can open my mouth... Steve is going to make a veggie pizza tonite .. to make up for all my missed veggies this afternoon.. I am allowing myself a little extra tonite as I was under 1200 calories yesterday... Not that I am rewarding myself with food.. I just do not want to have a sick tummy should I warrant pain meds or more advil.. which I plan on taking 3 of .. 3 hours from now. ... Hopefully tomorrow I will feel more like me.. and go swim in the evening .. thats my plan.. Right now my Jaw is pretty tender... and I get kinda queasey when I think that i have to do this all over again next Wednesday at 830 am.. the good thing is is that It will not be 4 shots just 3 this time.. since I am just going to the enododontist then... then in 3 weeks I have to go be fitted for a crown... (I think I will tell them to leave the jewels and diamonds off so the cost won't be too bad... lol...) actually they put some kind of filling in the tooth.. then they crown it.. queen of the root canal.. lol.. I dunno exactly how it works.. I just know I have to go back after next week at the endodontist to the regular dentist.. in 3 weeks.. then his part starts. WHEW...
Otherwise.. for the real object of this blog... MY eating has been great today since it has been so limited... so thats good... the bananas work well.. things that are crunchy.. not soo good.. but if its soft I can do it... I am going to cut my carrots up tommorow to see if I can chew them in smaller bites.. I might have to just throw in the towel for this week... and can the raw veggies.. and just have some cooked ones...I dunno will have to see what the old mouth wants to do..
Speaking of food I need to go do my food log... so for now.. I am off..
Until next time..
Wish me well.. wish you well too!!!

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Alyndabear said...

Yikes!!! I am so terrified at the thought of dentists, my own jaw ached reading this.

Hoping you're feeling much better now. *hugs*