Monday, February 26, 2007


I always liked that song.. and it is applicable for right now... I did it..

Current Weight : 199. straight up

Lost: 12.5 pounds

Starting Weight :211.5

Goal Weight: 132

Thats the good.. I was celebrating.. and so excited.. and proud.. I called one of my dear friends..just to chat and let her know about my first goal... I knew she had had a lot on her plate lately.. and had been diagnosed with various health issues.. all of them managable.. I did not expect what came out of her mouth though.. She got a call this morning.. and one of the tests showed something that was not showing up in other tests... she has to have another test later this week.. to rule out Cancer. I listened to her talk ..and I could hear the ache in her voice.. the fear of the unknown.. she is a mom.. with very young children... she is more scared for them than herself.. She has always preached to me .. do not worry about something unless you have something to worry about.. unless there is fact and proof.. Tonight I gave the advice.. and I told her what she has always told me.. Lets see whats going on before we assume the worst.. That does little to comfort I know.. for there is no worse fear than the fear of not knowing what is happening inside our bodies... We would like to think we control our bodies.. fact is .. there is not much we can control about our bodies.. our bodies react to environmental conditions, how we nuture it ... and yes what we do to it.. Control we have is random.. yes we can control what we eat and how we exercise.. but .. its all in the hand of fate as where our bodies have the weak links... So as I told her.. lets just see.. its okay to be scared... be angry anything you want to be... but lets just wait and see.. So tonight or tommorow whenever it is you might be talking to the God of your choosing... please toss in an extra prayer for her.. to help her with her fear until she finds outs what really going on.. and to help her have strength no matter what the news is..
Wish me well...
Wish you well too..
Until next time...


Natalie C. said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Great, great, great for you! Anyone who passed up cinnamon rolls being baked in their home deserves this more than most! Woo hoo. I was thinking about you & your encouragement as I dragged myself into the gym today. And I felt so much better afterwards. We can do this!

By the way, thanks for the tip about the peanut butter. When I was much more disciplined about point counting, etc. than I am now, I was all about substitutions to get you through those cravings. I'm not quite back to that level of discipline yet, but I'm getting there. Starting slowly...

Tee said...

Congratulations...very good job!!!