Thursday, October 25, 2007


I love seeing first time trick or treaters

I love giving candy to costumed kids

I love Halloween because it still has that wholesomeness to it.. and no I do not think that giving children candy once a year contributes to the obesity epidemic.. there are far more bigger issues that contribute to that...

I think its kinda funny the way Cookie looks at kids in costumes.. like she just can not figure it out..

I think it is kinda funny that Bazzie is convinced that all children should share their candy with him.. and he is very happy to stick his nose in their goodies bags...

I love Halloween because it falls in the .. uhmmm FALL and I love Fall..

I love Halloween because I love decorating my house with purple and orange lights on the banister outside

I love Halloween because its the only time I get to decorate outside my house and put up blinkie lights and things.. At Christmas I just get to enjoy my neighbors lights since we do not celebrate that holiday.. Last year one of my neighbors felt bad for us lol and gave us one of those little light up deer ( YEAH A DEER OF ALL THINGS.. if you are curious you my inquire about my well known title around town . the DEER SLAYER... ) I had to explain to them that we are jewish and don't celebrate Christmas but we appreciate the thought and love admiring all the pretty lights... At my first house.. years ago.. Carolers once came by and when they realized I was jewish they started singing Chanukah songs.. I thought that was so sweet I wrote a letter to the church... okay back to Halloween...

I love my blinkie pink eyed cat or bat not sure what it is..

I love hearing the excitement in our neighborhood.

I love watching each Halloween get bigger and bigger in our neighborhood as little ones grow up and learn to trick or treat with their siblings..

I love Halloween because the next day is my Birthday .. Number 45 this year and then 17 days later this year I am getting married for the first time.. so this is a SPECIAL YEAR!!!

I love Halloween because I could blog a lot about it and probably will...

Wish me well

Wish you well too..


Too Fat To Fly... said...

Hi Honi,

I really love Halloween too! So much more than Christmas. I just wish that we celebrated it as much as you guys over the pond!

I bet your neighbourhood looks lovely festooned with spooky decorations. Any chance of any photos, LOL. Make me jealous!

ANyway, I hope that your weekend will be a good one for you :-)


Lins xx

Scale Junkie said...

I love the little kids in their costumes. I typically put on a masquerade eye mask that I have, its purple with feathers and sequins. The kids are always shocked to see me in it and the little girls just love it. I love the little kids who are too shy to say trick or cute!!

My dogs love most of the neighborhood kids but I think the costumes will scare them so I'll put them in the office with hubby where I'm sure he will be hiding out working and leave the candy in my hands...dangerous!!

Ann(ie) said...

I'm a Halloween fan, too. My birthday is the 29th (fellow Scorp) so I always have fun Halloween costume parties growing up.

But, we don't get any trick or treaters around here. lame. So of course I have to take one for the team and eat all of the candy.

poor poor me.


Kellie said...

Halloween is my favorite time, too :) My dog use to think trick or treaters should share their goodies with him, too :)

45?! Forty-five?! Get out. I hope I can look like you when I'm 45!!

Sorry I don't comment much on here--shame on me. SHAME ON ME!!


Grumpy Chair said...

This will be the first year (out of 3) that we will trick-or-treat in our own neighborhood. The last two years we went to Halloween parties (kids parties).

I can not believe that you are going to turn 45 years old. You look like you are in your late 20's.