Thursday, October 11, 2007

OKAY I KNOW.. I have posted twice already .. had to share this with you .. FOOD MONITORING SHOPPING CARTS..

Sure, you've got TV and your friends to remind you not to eat certain foods and tell you that you're a fatty, but what if your shopping cart told you before you even got out of the super market?

US-based technology company EDS imagines such a world, where intelligent shopping carts scan bar codes on food as you load them into your cart, giving you nutritional and ethical information about the products (as well as price) you're about to eat.
While the carts don't exist yet, they were outlined in a research paper published by EDS this week.

The concept carts are fitted with touch-screen computers that track the nutritional value of everything loaded into your cart. They tell you when you've exceeded a certain caloric limit or when your cart contains too many saturated fats, sodium, or carbohydrates. These smart-carts also save on packaging, since labels could be shed if consumers had access to nutritional information stored on the bar codes.Says EDS, "It's high-time that the humble barcode is recognized as a practical and cost-effective solution to consumers' thirst for information." hmmm not sure I am that Thirsty .....


Blufeenix said...

Wandering over from Wicked...I am not sure if I would like a inanimate object telling me I have to many cookies in my cart. The idea is neat but how do you scan produce I wonder?

BTW - Congratulations on the 30lbs :)

Lady T said... thank you. i dont need condemnation from my shopping cart when i'm having a rough day in the local mart.

Ann(ie) said...

Yeah. I think I'd be found in aisle 5 screaming at the cart and telling it to shut the hell up!!! hehe.

Dee said...

lol.. I don't think I would mind a scanner on my cart that tells me everything about a product, in an instant. I don't think this is a bad idea. Surely you could turn that function off (shut the cart up ;) if you didn't want any advice.

Scale Junkie said...

can you say shopping rage?

hanlie said...

It will just be turned into another marketing tool for Corporate America. Since false advertising laws do not apply to meat, eggs and dairy, do you think for one moment that their respective Lobbies will allow shopping carts to say bad things about their products?

As for the consumer... most of us hate grocery shopping as it is! How much more so when your cart judges your every purchase? What are we? Morons?