Friday, October 12, 2007

FOODCENTRIC and a thought on my Blog buddies

Ahh it's lovely Friday again and time for me to google to my hearts delight... lets see what I can come up with... For healthy recipes that are delicious try this website : I love COOKING LIGHT..

On Meals Matter I found this and it looks wonderful I have had this prepared similarly .. and its wonderful SWEET POTATO CASSAROLE

In case you were wondering what the worlds healthiest foods are try this website :

Snagged this from pumkin cookies.. which is a great seque into my next topic.

This is dedicated to all of you who are moms or dads who while trying to lose weight and get healthier .. also raise famlies, take care of spouses.. deal with hectic schedules and far more food issues than I have to deal with..
See even though Steve is in the food business and if you go downstairs in our home.. there is every not so healthy treat you can imagine.. from samples of pies, to cookies, to bread doughs to cookie doughs to pre packaged honey buns, muffins, cookies, meats.. etc... I can avoid all of that..because its business.... but you .. the parent.. most folks do not want to deny their children treats while creating a healthier eating environment.. so you have to deal with not only creating your meals with snacks etc.. but having to dole out meals and snacks for your kids that may not exactly be on your program.. Steve and I eat basically the same thing.. and when he wants a naughty nosh .. or something I am staying away from.. he goes and has it.. and I dont have to deal with it.. I admire all of you who not only take care of yourselves but deal with feeding your children and having those other foods around that might not be in your best interest. Some people tell me that their kids eat what they eat.. some people tell me that they prepare one meal for themselves and something else for their spouses and kids.. well whatever group you fall into.. just know you have a fan out here in blogger land.. MORE POWER TO YOU.. now for those of us with out kids .. we are still grand warriors too.. I just wanted those that have more to handle to know exactly what I thought.. ROCK ON you guys .. You are amazing men and women to me and I SIMPLY LOVE YOUR BLOGS.. and everyone's blogs.. I think I am a BLOGAHOLIC.. .. hey thats it.. now I bet if I googled.. bloggers anonymous .. BA for short.. you think I would find it??? one never knows... does one...
Well time for Honi to go log her food..
Have a devine weekend.. get out there and walk.. eat healthy and most importanly enjoy life!!!
Wish me well
Wish you well too!!


Grumpy Chair said...

I fall into the category of cooking meals for the two kids (they are so picky) and sometimes different meal for hubby.

At night, I like lean meat and vegetable.

Some people say, "your kids shouldn't be eating that junk" but my kids are skinny, active and I not going to deny them potato chips because mommy can't eat just one.

Too Fat To Fly... said...

Ooo, I don't know how you can possibly resist all those tempting goodies in your own home? I wouldn't be able to relax until I'd eaten the WHOLE lot!!

Lyn said...

{{{{honi}}}} you're doing great! I love your blog too! And I am glad to have your support. It's cool you have support at home... I really struggle when DH brings home CASES, yes CASES of candy bars and 8 gallons of ice cream at a time. I might just have to blog about him sometime :)

Big Pissy said...

Oh, it would be SO hard to resist all those goodies! Aren't you the strong one! :)

My hubby and I hardly cook anymore since it's just the two of us. We've found healthy things to eat out...usually lunch or dinner...not both. We only have one "big" meal a day. ;-)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I got out and walked at the park gorgeous!

Scale Junkie said...

I'd find it difficult to resist the temptations, you ROCK!!

I love the recipes on Cooking Light, thanks for giving me more links to check out!

Lady T said...

u R sweet!..and you always have sweet supportive comments too! thank you.

i could not manage with that muc temptation feet away from me. i do better if its not in the house. even great determination can not keep me from sweets for days and weeks on end.