Wednesday, October 17, 2007


OKAY... sooooooo.. would someone please tell my why I threw out all my thank you notes over the weekend... I am not actually sure I did throw them out I just remember grabbing a bunch of papers and throwing them out and I think I picked up the thank you notes with the intention of putting them somewhere else so I would remember to use them to thank folks for our wedding gifts.. I have been doing a good job sending them out.. I have four right now I need to write.. why on earth would I have dumped them.. anyhow I went to Wallyvilla ( hey it makes Wallmart sound a little fancier don't you think?? me neither .. lol ) this morning to pick up some more.. as I am walking in the store I notice that my tee shirt is ripped.. wtf.. how did I do that???.. so I go to the clearance rack and found another black tee for about 3. 50.. my kinda tee shirt lol... ( i am in yoga clothes today because i am seeing that chiropractor doctor person who hopefully well help relieve some of this mess in my back.. I have got to do something before the wedding...) then I wander over to check out the yogurt and find my Thick and Creamy Yoplait light.. 100 calories.. this stuff ROCKS .. it is so good.. however why is it that that it must be on the top shelf????.. so I lean over the lower portion of the cooler.. and can barely reach the bottom cup.. I almost succesfully knocked down the whole display.. it wiggled and it wobbled and I even closed my eyes for a split second slowly opening one eye at time..... I was able to snag 4 of them with out doing too much damage.. I also bought 2 of the boston creme light.. I heard those were good too.. 110 calories I think .. ohh that reminds me after I post today I have to do my food log.. FOOD LOG.. ahhhhhhhhhh that reminds me..

I have a friend who has a terrific blog Scale Junkie that I discovered a while back.. I visit her daily as I visit most of you daily.. well.. I really got irritated ... when I was making my comment and noticed in the comment section that some dude or dud in this case.. really let her have it.. I mean it was to me very insulting and lousy... and that brings me too my next random rant... I checked this guys blog out.. and he posts his food log.. ... he is an OA member too.. he has lost a lot of weight and still has more to go.. but his eating.. is RIDICULOUS... nothing nutritional.. ( unless you call eating a king size snickers for lunch.. meeting all your food groups.. and I suppose in a off handed squinting your eyes really tight so you can see a different image way it is. nuts=protien, chocolate= dairy etc...) he harped on her rudely.. and I simply do not get that behavior..

EACH OF US HERE>> READING THIS.. BLOGGING... are on our on individual journeys and it is an honor to befriend each and every one of you.. I look forward to your comments as a way to nurture my soul .. not rant at me and tell me I am wrong.. who is anyone to tell me I am wrong???... Now granted I did just make a comment about that guy's eating habits.. but I guess that works for him.. and I do think his menus lack nutritional value.. but .. well.. I either I can say it nicely to him if I chose to post on his blog... maybe make some suggestions in a light and kind way..... I would never attack someone... I guess I am attacking him though.. I am sure each of you understands what I am trying to say... *sigh* ........... okay in case you do not .. what I am trying to say is... Suggesting things is one thing.. attacking people who are working so hard to try and change old habits and deal with old issues is an entirely different thing. Us that bare our souls out here.. don't need a kick in the ass... trust me .. we have kicked ourselves farther than anyone else can... what we need is positive energy. what we need is support.. and if something needs to be constructively commented on then do so kindly.. with a good heart... Not a wagging finger.. for the truth is... we are all in this together even if the journeys are a bit different .. we all have the ultimate same goal.. to be smaller , healthier and wiser... okay... enough ranting.. I am done..

going to go log my food..

Love you guys...

Wish me well

Wish you well too...

p.s. just found this site while I was hunting for a picture..


Lady T said...'re of the vertically challenged set? i'm usually the one in the grocery store being asked to reach stuff. i'm not dramatically tall...i do seem to have long arms though.....

what that guy did...that was not cool. rarely have i not gotten supportive comments....and if i've ever gone somewhere and not supported i leave quietly bc its about support. at least that what i'm here for.

btw: i need some help. can you mosey on over to my blog and weigh in on today's question?



Scale said...

Thank you so much for your support over that post. I think the old me would have been very upset by the comment and honestly my first instinct was to delete it but then I thought, take the good with the bad. One of my fears about blogging my weight loss journey was putting myself out there for others to see and yes opening myself up for criticism but I've learned that the good comments and the wonderful people I'm meeting along the way, out weigh the negative people. I know in my heart of hearts I'm doing the best I can do for ME and thats enough.

Thanks for being such a good friend!

Lady T said...

Thanks honi!

Lynn said...

Hey Honi - finally had a chance to update my blog roll and have linked you back. Thanks so much for adding me, and a huge thanks for all the nice/inspiring comments that you have left all week!

I'll be checking back soon to catch up on your blog!! :)

Laura said...

What an awesome post! You hit the nail on the head. Glad I stopped by -hope you will stop by my place.

Lauren said...

I completely agree with you. That guy was a tool.