Thursday, October 25, 2007


Real fast post folks.. thanks so much for your kind words during this pre wedding crisis I have so much to blog about right now weight wise.. but no time so will post that a little later right now I am taking my pc to Best Buy or as my sister calls it Worst Buy and going to the Geek Squad.. since this pc is about 6 years old it would cost too much to repair it.. estimated at 200 to 300 dollars so far. so I am going to have them copy all info to disks then reload that on Steves pc at the house.. then when I get my new PC i can put the important stuff on there.. I will be posting help questions I am sure.. and I promise I learned my lesson .. with the new pc I will either buy a flash drive or a external hard drive to keep the important stuff.. on ..
wish me well
Wish u well too.

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