Sunday, October 14, 2007

SHOW AND TELL (What I did over the weekend and a cute video of Keep Away)

On the road somewhere near Collinsville, Al. I love taking pictures of these old farm houses:

I always see these guys on the corners in the small towns.. never have taken a photo of one before.... I wish I had taken a picture of the guy near the Sonic .... he had a HUGE picture of Jesus.. but it was evil looking.. mean... and he had a loudspeaker and was yelling at the passersby.. how bad they had sinned and so forth.. a group of bikers watched him intently from a CVS parking lot.. His voice was not preaching anything to do with love.. it was about hate.. and how evil we all are.. I think what bewildered me most about this screaming man is.. that he was not asking you to come praise God.. he was not asking you what you believed.. he was shouting at you how bad you are .. and you are hopeless unless you listen to him... what a contrast in pictures.. this peaceful man standing on street corner trying to deliver his message of faith.. and then down the road that Loud obnoxious.. ( I mean no offense to anyone of the Christian faith but I promise you had you seen this other guy screaming at people I think you would have felt really weird compared to seeing this peaceful man with a peaceful message)

A picture of Steve and I ...

A nice clean Motorcycle

and now for a cute video.. Steve and Bazzie play Keep Away

and .. that was my weekend.. hope you had a fun one...!!!


Too Fat To Fly... said...

Great photos, Honi :-)

Also, I love the cute video of your gorgeous woofers! Of course, Steve is cute too, but you know how much I adore doggies ;-)

I love Cookie's colouring. Too cute!!

Have a lovely week my friend...


Big Pissy said...

Awwww...I love the pictures!

You and Steve are SO cute together! :)