Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Once again I yielded.. seems the best thing to do with my hair is an updo... click on Flickr in the side bar and u can see my hair.. we worked over 3 hours taking it down trying to leave it down.. fluffing it up.. unfluffing.. rewetting it.. and doing all kinds of twisty things so by the end of the morning it was pretty much not willing to cooperate anymore... hence just doing an updo of curls..anything else we did either gave me big hair.. (and I hate big hair) or it looked like I had a growth growing out of the back of my head... long story short.. the curls will be slicked back into a high ponytail.. then sections of curls will be wrapped around the pony tail and then cascading towards my face.. in ringlets.. the tiara sits well and this one does not pinch my skull to hell and crapnation..and I will have the veil underneath the ponytail.. looks good I think...and that is a good thing... so the hairstyle is set.. YAY. and we will have 2 more dress rehearsals with it to make sure we can do it in a short amount of time... ..
The scale for another week has stayed the same.. yeah yeah i know.. no weight gain.. thats good.. blah blah blah... well I am going to exercise this week again and see if I can mix it up a bit.. to get some poundage to disapate from my body... wish me well on that one...
Otherwise it was a quiet weekend..
This morning was hysterical and i was going to share a video with you but for some reason the camera was not a willing participant only half the video got shot the rest was audio... Baz the black lab decided to disect the slamming monkey toy that squeals when you slam it on the ground... he dismantled the sound from it last week... and this morning he created a snow storm on the deck... it was funny.. I video taped part of it... and took some pictures that I will post on Flickr for you too see... might even post a couple here.. the funniest part was that cookie was sitting at the door staring into the kitchen with her golden eyes looking up at me saying.. look momma I am innocent.. i did not do this.. and bazzie was laying there having a snow festival with the monkey... and then he looked at me.. as if to say.. Hey mom .. look what I did.. I killed the monkey .. lol.. I love my kids...
Wish me well
Wish you well too...


Lindsay said...

I've just had a browse through the photos of your "Up-do"

Wow - you look truly stunning :-)

Your hubby-to-be is one lucky guy!

Hugs to you..


Lindsay said...
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