Monday, September 24, 2007


So.. I survived the holidays.. in tact.. in good weight.. yet a little amazed at my most recent eating experience.. We went to my aunt's as I mentioned in a previous post.. it was all my favorite foods.. Stuff I have one a year... I did as I said.. I concentrated on the salad.. I picked actually 4 things I really wanted and had very small servings of each. I was suppose to just do 2 I know.. but I was hungry... I stayed away from the bagels, the cream cheese and lox, I did NOT have the pizza or lasagna.. I stayed away from the tuna salad and other goodies.. I choose a perogie style potato (like a small turn over) a cinamon homemade danish, a savory strudel cheese slice, *not sure what you call it actually its so good...spinach cassarole ( elbow mac spinach and cheese soooo good) had a very small square and a very small spoonful of blueberry blintz cassarole. I also had roasted veggies as well. After dinner I chatted with my cousins and waited and waited to see if I was full.. then I decided I wanted some fruit for Steve and I to share.. I went to the table scooped out some fruit.. and I heard those cookies I love calling my name... I took two.. here is the clencher... I had a small bite of one and threw the whole one and the bitten in one in the garbage right away.. they just did not taste "worth it" too me all of the sudden.. I had no desire for them.. WHAT WAS THAT? what did that mean.. in the "old days" I would have eaten them and not thought twice about it.. but Saturday night they for some reason... seemed more important in my head and less important in my belly... I guess.. it was bizzare for me. .. So I survived it all. Food sometimes still baffles me.. I have to constantly work at making choices... it still never comes easy.. and I still have to plan.. and sometimes accepting that I have to plan my food for the rest of my life.. really seems unfair.. I would love to be a free eater like most people.. but apparently free eating and I dont't do well ... having a plan seems to be my best choice... which I guess in the long run is not a bad thing..

Wedding mini crisis: I found out that the girl who is suppose to be doing my hair for the wedding left the salon where she was at.. it happens to be the same salon one of my aunts goes too.. Apparently she walked in on Friday and gathered her stuff and left.. not saying a word to anyone... I have called her on her cell.. ( did that yesterday) ... left a message and am trying to give her the benefit of the doubt... but if I don't hear from her on Friday .. I have to find someone else to do my hair... I spent 2 hours in her chair coming up with the hairstyle for the wedding... and if she does not want to do it.. that fine with me.. JUST LET ME KNOW is all I care about... i was suppose to meet with her in Oct. for another run through... .. so I figured Friday was fair enough to hear from her... other than that.. things are going well.. wedding plans are chugging right along..
Steve was so awesome this weekend.. he helped me cut my plantable ( seeded paper) paper in squares... for my favors for the reception.. now I am atatching little cards to the squares of paper .. I hav hole punched little hearts in both cards and the paper.. and now am tying them together.. they look so cute.. I will post a picture of the favor soon... That is about the only thing in my wedding thus far that has turned out just like I imagined... sigh....
Oh well....
Wish me well
Wish you well too..


cadbury_vw said...


hair emergency

thank god you found out with some advance notice

Too Fat To Fly... said...

Hi Honi,

I'm so glad to hear that you "survived the holidays". I KNEW you would! You're made of strong stuff :-)

As for the hair emergency, hmmmm, that sounds like bad news. I really hope that the lady in question gets back to you soon which will then set your mind at rest!!

Have a great week!



Grumpy Chair said...

Interesting about the cookies, I hope I have that same experience around Thanksgiving.

I hope your hairdresser calls you back and she just went to another salon.

Big Pissy said...

GAWD! It seems like it's always something with weddings, isn't it?

Hope you find the stylist! :)

Scale Junkie said...

I'm glad you found out she left and have time to make other arrangements. I'm sure everything will turn out just fine!