Wednesday, September 19, 2007


YEP.. I think I might have forgotten to tell you that.. Saturday when we took a great motorcycle ride.. The weather was perfect the road was perfect... we noticed heading towards us .. a couple trucks had stopped... in our lane we noticed something in the road.. at first we thought it was a puppy... and we were a little worried... as we approached, what we thought was a pup was actually about a 5 foot long rattle snake that had had its tail run over but was very very much alive... Steve edged closer and closer.. and I was .. well I was scared to death. what if that think tried to strike us.. ?? there was a car behind us that decided to pass us on the inside and ride right over the snake.. the least they could have done is killed the thing.. BUT NO !!! it was very much alive.. If you go to my TWO WHEELS TALE BLOG.. (link in sidebar) there are pictures.. What I could not figure out .. there was this man standing in the road about a foot away from the snake..we rounded the snake and I was so glad to be going once again leaving that creature behind us.. it still gives me shivers to think about it..
It has been a good week so far.. quiet which is good... Invitations went out yesterday.. and I pick up my dress in a couple weeks... things are going well.. 2 months from yesterday until the "showtime" so its pretty exciting... Been staying on top of the Thank you notes so that is good too.
Otherwise.. eating is going well.... We have been walking at least 2 times a week... and I am determined to get to the gym next tuesday and thursday. Hopefully we will get some good walking in this weekend.. Still waiting to hear from the pain clinic so hopefully that will happen soon too.
Hope all is well in your world..
Wish me well
Wish you well too...

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Too Fat To Fly... said...

Ooo, Rattle Snake encounter. How scary! I'd love to see one in real life though...

As for the wedding plans, I'm glad to hear that everything seems to be ticking along nicely :-)

Look after yourself...