Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Tonight I go to my aunt's for a heavenly dinner.. so I ask myself.. what do I do .. whats the strategy .. what do I eat...? do I treat today as a normal eating.. (YES I have so far) and then treat dinner as a normal dinner... what special foods will I want there.???.. that I don't get any other time of year...Truthfully, I better prepared for Yom Kippur break the Fast at another Aunt's.. I know exactly what I am going to have.. ( the menu is pretty much the same each year) and what I will skip.. but tonight and tomorrow for lunch after services.. I am in a bit of a quandary.. I think I will concentrate on the salad tonite.. and then pick two things that I really want and have a little of each.. there will be fresh HOT Challah bread.. ( egg bread that is wonderful and made with raisins for the new year a sweet new year) I will have some of that both tonight and tomorrow.. I will keep my meal eithier small on the big plate or see if i can use a salad plate for dinner ... thats all I have worked out.

If I don't plan for it still... I MESS UP ROYALLY... I should be okay with the desserts.. both today and tomorrow.. they usually have never bothered me...

Next Saturday is Yom Kippur.. we fast from sunset fri. night to Sun set on Saturday.. sometimes I make it .. sometimes I don't... We have a fabulous dairy meal... egg dishes savory cheese danishes .. blintz cassarole and all sorts of once a year goodies..... I have planned that meal to the tee already.. I can see the table in my head and I know what to do.. again concentrate on the salad.. picking 2 of my favorites .. and I will have 2 of these wonderful cookies.. that I love.. now should the meal be different .. then I have a problem.. but year after year its always the same.. so that is a VERY GOOD THING... Okay do I sound terribly anal..??? yes. I know I do.. but to me the key is in the planning..
L'shanah Tovah ( Happy new Year)
Wish me well
Wish you well too..

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Too Fat To Fly... said...

Mmm, all this talk of delicious food is making me hungry, haha.

Seriously though, it sounds as if you do at least have a strategy by being prepared for the foods you are going to be faced with and thinking of how best to adapt!

Enjoy the time at your Aunts. Have fun...