Friday, September 14, 2007

Borrowed this idea : 43 THINGS

I heard about this website and I liked the idea so much I decided to sort of borrow it... okay I decided to steal it... Here is a list of the 43 things I would like to do in my lifetime in no particular order :


1. Lose weight ( hmm that makes sense)
2. Become comfortable in healthier self that enjoys exercise
3. Sing in public again ( I have not sung in public since my Dad died 6 years ago)
4. Write a book
5. Write more poetry
6. Learn to knit ( I have always wanted to do that but not sure if I have the patience)
7. Learn more recipes
8. Get more organized
9. Get one car of my dreams regardless of expense (.. anybody know a good lottery I can win??? )
10. Tour the country via motorcycle
11. Go to Israel
12. Go to parts of Europe and visit Holocaust museums
13. Become independently wealthy ( again.. anybody know any good lottery I can win?? )
14. Spend more time with Family
15. Spend more time with Friends
16. Get married ( am pretty close to doing that one)
17. Plant more than just tomatos next year
18. Be less quick to judge
19. Exhibit more patience with my mother.
20. Be more understanding
21. Tell people I appreciate them more often.
22. Completely read a book
23. Strive for Happiness
24. Strive to be positive
25. Listen to music more
26. Play games more
27. Be around children more
28. Go to more concerts
29. See more Broadway plays.. (have not seen one since 1999) last time I was in NYC
30. Take all the old family VHS tapes and put them on DVDs
31. Go back to the Mtns of N. Georgia, and Tenn ( we should be doing that soon I hope)
32. Stay in closer contact with my nieces and sisters
33. Try not to be too cycnical
34. Once I reach goal keep all my weight off
35. Drink water and learn to love it
36. Volunteer
37. Help other to achieve lifestyle goals, more specifically to lose weight and maintain weight loss.
38. To be strong
39. Watch more sunsets and less TV
40. Watch more sunrises
41. Work with children again
42. Be understanding
43. Be a good wife.

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