Tuesday, September 18, 2007

PUP UPDATE and realizing that in 2 months ... Here comes the Bride..

I called the puppy people last night.. they only had one left... we opted out.. IF it had been the merle one we would have taken here or if it had been one of the tri color black pups... we should have taken one Sunday... so (heavy sigh) ... we are back to puppy hunting again... will keep you posted.... I know I know... wait until after the wedding and then get one.. yeah thats what I tell myself until this green or blue eyes look up at me and a little pink tongue kisses my nose.. or a little soft head snuggles up to me... Speaking of wedding invitations go out today.. wow.. in two months I will be SADIE SADIE THE MARRIED LADY... well.. Honi Honi the married lady but Sadie works better LoL... at least there... would all of my sweet blog buddies hold hands now and say a little prayer.. help Honi lose a few more pounds before the wedding.. Help Honi get off this plataeu she has been on for months.. Honi has maintained great.. no gaining.. but she really wants to head in the right direction now... she lost 30 pounds with virtually no exercise... help her to exercise safetly and with out injury... oh and help her not eat too much food at the wedding.. and help her not strangle someone before the wedding day BECAUSE NO BODY LISTENS!!!!!! ( sorry had a bridezilla attack) ... sigh....(moment of silence).. okay.. thanks so much guys for the little prayer...
Wish me well
Wish you well too..

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Too Fat To Fly... said...

Awwwww, it's a shame that you didn't end up with one of those cute little puppies. Still, I'm sure you'll find your special, little furry friend soon enough!

As for the weight loss and getting it moving again, I think that you have done so very well to *maintain* and NOT gain. I know it's very disheartening when you are on a plateau, but keep with it, exercise safely and within your own limits and hopefully the weight will start shifting again soon!

All the best sweetie :-)