Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Have you ever screamed so loud the room echoed???

Sometimes that is how I feel on the inside.. that I am constantly screaming at myself.. don’t eat that? don’t do that? are you crazy? I get so upset that I am so willing to torment myself over a choice I make.. Eating.. I make the choice to eat… I make the choice to eat healthy… I make the choice to eat not so healthy… yet let some purveyor of some false truth whisper in my ear… ( okay scream at me on my tv) … and I am right there listening to what I need to change about myself.. and if I would only stand on my head 3 times a day.. and eat prunes at every meal .. then I too can lose 99 pounds in 99 minutes… or more in less time ..if I am really good.
I was perusing the internet today and came across many a harsh article about some bizzare weight loss scam called KIMKINS.. full of bad advice… full of misleading information and full of crap. Yet those of us out there.. looking searching… hunting for something to push us along… we are attracted to such rubish like a moth to flame. Why are we easily swayed… why? why can’t we simply believe in the power of ourselves to change our own destiny..? Why do we believe that we are not in control of what we choose to eat.. ? why do we believe that a obvious scam holds all the answers.. when in truth.. the mirror.. ( the deep mirror not the vanity mirror) holds the answers.. we just have to bold enough to really look.. and really see ourselves.. weaknesses and all… brush that aside and have faith in ourselves.. that each of us.. can succeed by eating a nutritionally balanced program.. by exercising as much as we can with in reason.. by praising ourselves for our accomplishments on a consistant basis. That is really what the echoing scream should be. We can do this.. We can do this right.. if we believe and really want this.. want this change in ourselves… we can do this.. by our own might. By our own will and by our own outward effort..not by Kimkins… or slimkins.. or that kins or this kins.. but from deep with in ourselves.. surrounded by those who know the war… and love us regardless.
Wish me well
Wish you well too…


Once Upon A Dieter said...

I DO wish you well. (And, btw, the photos at the top of the blog are nifty! Man, I envy you your gorgeous smile and cheeks.)

And thanks for that tune. "Heaven and EArth" is such a pretty song. Very folksy and pleasant. I'm gonna go to amazon and see if I can sample some more.

Thanks, HoniB. Keep believing and doing and getting better....

The Princess

Scale Junkie said...

I think we are get so desperate that we are willing to buy into the magic pill or diet that will blast off the weight and fix all of our problems.

I've been aware of Kimkins for several years now and she is a scammer from way back. Check out and read all about her. People are trying hard to bring her down and I hope they succeed!!

As for you, hang in there, just keep focused on one day at a time and we will get there!

Your baby Baz is so sweet, sorry the other puppy was gone when you called but like my husband said to me last time I wanted to adopt another dog, we aren't the only ones out there with love to give. I hope those babies all got great homes!

Too Fat To Fly... said...

Hi Honi,

I agree with "Scale junkie"...

I think we all have a tendancy to look for the quick-fix, magic cure, yet we know deep down that patience, perseverance and good old fashioned hard work, is the key!

Carrying on with your own thing and try not to be swayed by all these *magical* solutions. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually IS!!

Hugs to you sweetie :-D