Tuesday, September 11, 2007


You know.. technology and I have had a love hate relationship for years.. So this morning.. around 5 30 a.m. I decided to check my wedding website and add some info.. MUCH TO MY CHAGRIN something has happened to it.. apparently the server is SUBB... so my site is here one second gone the next.. I decided to just do a Wedding blog instead.. you are more than welcome to visit it.. Its going to take a while to build.. as this website took a couple weeks.. damn fool thing.. I guess thats what I get when its free... I must say .. Blogger is fairly dependable and you usually know when it will be down... there is the link if you want to take a peak..
Otherwise all is well.. I had a great work out session last night.. I walked and did the sitdown stair stepper thing.. ( I have no idea what the official name of that machine is.. and neither does anyone else ) One of the trainers helped me develop some gentler versions of sit ups on the balance ball.. and also how to do some squats with out hurting my knees... using the ball against the wall and leaning against it.. then slowly while pushing back against the ball doing very shallow squats.. I probably never will be able to do deep ones.. knees and back probably won't like that.,. however it was pretty rockin' doing this ball squat thing. and I could feel it.. I never new I had real quads.. and I also located my abs.. so that was pretty neat... working on the exercise thing... and getting a handle on it too...
Going to work on the wedding blog...
Wish me well
Wish you well too


cadbury_vw said...

yeah - computers suck sometimes... especially servers (says cadbury the computer guy)

it's really easy to injure oneself while training, so good for getting designed exercises

i just always find i have to watch out for trainers trying to push too hard - get you to go further than you should sooner

especially when there are injuries or or factors

Big Pissy said...

Gah! They gym!

I haven't been for at least a week...maybe longer!

good luck with your workouts.... :)