Wednesday, September 5, 2007


What is it about that word that excites us one minute and frightens us the next..?? I am not talking about commitment between two people .. I am talking about commitment to self... We get motivated to lose weight.. we get motivated to track food.. we get motivated to improve ourselves.. and then.. give us a little time and the winds of change stop.. there is a slow hum that just starts.. and everything is the same.. no movement in the scale.. no loosening of the clothes.. just the same hum... and then it get kind of comfortable.. but it is still uncomfortable in your head because you know you still have such a long journey to go... and then you wonder.. if this is it.. is it going to stop here? and then you remember that it is about commitment to self.. and recommiting every day until something happens.. until the ground shakes.. and movement starts again... what is it about Commitment?


Stephanie said...

I totally agree with you. I need to lose about 100 pounds, and I am just not motivated. I really want to look great in my wedding dress, so I usually end up trying the easy way out. Diet Pills, starving myself (then eventually binging when i can't take it anymore). I really just need to workout and eat right. Think you would be willing to be my weight loss buddy?

buddha_girl said...

Amen, sister!

I don't think there's a tougher yet more important committment for us than to OURSELVES.

I preach this to people:
If you don't take care of yourself, people will notice...and NO ONE will take care of you.

Excellent insight on this one, Honi!