Saturday, June 30, 2007


C'mon ladies... saddle up, line up.. and come with me as I find these MORONS who decide on the designs of swim suits for large size women .........WHAT PRAY TO GOD ARE THEY THINKING????? sure put the boy shorts and tankini on the fat chick... ya that works... her bowl full of jelly tummy peaking through no problem... her wobbly butt hanging out of the boy shorts.. wow now thats a pretty picture.. When I was over 200 pounds I had a far easier time finding a swim suit.. your standard issue old ladies swim suit with a skirt and regular straps none of this tie together halter bullshit!>.. here I am nearly 30 pounds thinner and I can NOT find a SWIM SUIT.. what in the hell is wrong with this picture??? Shouldn't it be easier to find something... And to my Target friends.. WHOA!! what are they thinking there ,.. there was absolutely no reasonable . and what happened to the good old skirted bathing suit that in some cases is fairly attractive albeit somewhat old ladyish ... I realize I have a long way to go .. but for heavens sake DESIGNERS OUT THERE consider your consumers body. I was chatting with several women in Target today who were facing the same dilemma as me.. finding a swim suit . They each had their own personal complaints one woman has a long torso and is larger in her thigh area.. since her torso is long it makes a tankini nearly impossible because they are too short in the top for her...and if she does wear one, her belly spills out...and as she said why show off her worse assets... For heavens sakes .. I know there is not much you can do with a bathing suit... I do appreciate that.. but there has to be something out there that is reasonably priced and can work for me with out costing 100.00 bucks... Finding a size 20W is far easier than finding a 16 regular or a 14 W. They have been next to impossible to find with out costing over 70.00 dollars... Man I think I know my calling.. I am going to design real clothes for real woman of varying heights and weight and be realistic... not this junk they have out there... It made me feel good almost that other women were struggling like me today... trying to match tops and bottoms and cover certain parts of their anatomy at the same time was nearly impossible to achieve.. I gave up.. will go back hunting again tomorrow.. any ideas.. will be much appreciated... Oh and as far as the flowers go.. 1,500 over budget.. TRIMMING THAT WAY DOWN AS I TYPE THIS ... I was talked into flowers for the centerpieces.. and I am REALLLLLLLLLLLLY going to have to cut way back on all of that.. I about fell over when I read the quote.. now here is what gets me .. I must have said 10 times .. what my budget was... (you can tell I was really heard.. good thing is .. is that this is doable and trimable too... ) so my friends.. wish me well..
Wish you well too....

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