Wednesday, June 27, 2007


First... I had a great visit with my nutritionist Donna... that was Monday night.. everything is going well with my eating.. its the water and the exercise that I must develop now. Trying.. trying hard.. I made an appointment with the doctor for my shoulder finally.. Donna pinned me down to making some commitments... i.e. doctor visit, I also promised I would get a new bathing suit this weekend so I could start swimming again 2 times a week. That would start this Monday.. WISH ME TONS OF LUCK WITH THIS.. this will be a huge turning point... I just need to accomplish it.

Wedding update: Got Invitiations and they look splendid, Getting stamps, having cake tasting and floral meeting this Saturday.. which brings me to my Next Topic,


Okay .. in my universe no means simply NO.. two letters fitting together that mean.. will not do, do not do.. do not want.. have made a definative decision that whatever it is is not needed. not interested, does not like or want. NO NO NO!!!! so ... well.... NO MEANS NO...

hmmm... apparently some where in those 2 letter.. something gets lost... I say NO but No is not heard.. maybe they think I am saying YES in some strange language. Maybe no means yes in another country. I say No and they hear maybe... I say No and they hear.. OHH OF COURSE DONT LISTEN TO ME FOR I AM CLUELESS AND HAVE NO THOUGHT PROCESSES. I AM JUST SAYING NO BECAUSE I LIKE THE SOUND... I REALLY DO NOT MEAN NO... I JUST LIKE SAYING IT FOR EFFECT!..... what in the hell are people hearing when I say NO!!!

Case in point: I DO NOT WANT TO CARRY A BOUQUET down the aisle.. I just don't bottom line... NO NO NO!!.. ohh but you really should carry a small bouquet... I have just said NO ten thousand billion times.. where does that word get lost in translation.. is it between the N and the O.. ?????? what in the hell.. is coming out of my mouth when I put those 2 letters together.. am I saying ON...???? I don't think so... I am saying No... such a missunderstood word. I can bend on things..that I really do not care about... I am not really worried about a luncheon for 90 people after services on Saturday.. there are tons of places to eat right by the hotel.. everything from TGI Fridays, to Cracker Barrel, to Edgars Bakery.. to all the fine eateries located at another shopping strip up the road. FOOD IS within a half a mile .. not to mention all the food in the hospitality room.. SO I don't really care about that.. HOWEVER I do care about what I am carrying down the aisle... damn it.. LOL.. this is the only place I really get to express myself folks.. I can say for the most part how I feel and no one is translating my words into other words that I really never said.. Ya know what I am saying.... NO means NO.. right??? yes??? maybe??? someone come and sit with me when I go to the florist on Saturday... My mom keeps reminding me about the budget yet when I tell her they might say at the florist that there is a 3500 dollar minium she flinches and then says.. well okay.. I HAVE A 2000 or less budget for Floral and accessories for the wedding... so I explain to my mom.. we will tell them what our budget is .. if they can not accomodate us then we move on... simple.. involves a NO sorry we can not do this it is out of our budget!!!! mom has a hard time with budgets.. when I have a budget I wring every penny out of it.. but I do not go over the amount.. ... so.. we shall see how Saturday turns out when I am sitting there .... they are trying hard to talk me out of what I want to do with the center pieces and I did make one concession with it.. I dont want the papers to get ruined that people sign.. ( you know with food stains or something that might spill) so I have decided to have 2 small tables off to the side where folk can come and answer the question there.. I hope that works.. I still have the center piece letter ( telling folks about the question and where to go to write their answers...) raised up on a cube of some sort.. I was thinking lucite and maybe put lights ( like christmas lights (white) in each cube) I thought that would like kinda neat.. or some kind of metalic fall colored paper in the cube.. I dunno.. just thinking out loud I suppose...I HATE BUDGETS!! whew.. getting exhausted from thinking right now... as I said.. Saturday will be an interesting day of wedding events.. from tasting the cake to picking out the stamps.. ( I am having a chocolate wedding cake.. not sure how the outside will be.. but the inside has to be chocolate.. BECAUSE I SAID SO.. lol... this is a photo of one of the cakes I am interested in.. would change the blue to a champagne color... what do u think???

hmm I like it .. its different... it probably will end up being something else... am on a budget with the cake and I think this one might be out of the budget.. but I sure do like this one... if you want to check out more of their cakes here is the link :

Well my friends.. that is that for Wednesday..

Wish me well...Wish you well too..


Coco said...

I LOVE THE CAKE!!! And, no, Honi, you don't have to do ANYTHING you don't want to do on YOUR wedding day, so . . . ppffffft!!! on the naggers . . .

Will email you later, re: FatMom; I'm worried about her, not to mention that what happened over there (I don't think she's responsible AT ALL) messed up my laptop a wee bit. It's had to take a really long bath, so to speak.

Did I mention . . . that is an AWESOME cake!!!

TooFatToFly said...

Gawd, the cake looks stunning. Almost too pretty to eat, LOL.

I think it would look far nice in a nice champagne colour as opposed to the blue.

Goodness, you have sooo much planning to do, but it will be worth it in the end :-)

Take care...


Bethany said...

I know this is from last week but I did tell you I was really behind!!

Don't carry the flowers!

I love the cake!! I had a chocolate cake too. Because that is what I like!