Monday, June 11, 2007


So is anyone out there a Soprano's Fan.. I am... loved .. and yes I loved the ending to the finale last night.. an ending with out an ending.. very fitting.. that was a really great show and I loved it.. ( SPOILER ALERT...IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE FINALE YET DO NOT READ THE NEXT LINE....) ..... I could have done with out the sound effects of Phil's head getting squished but better than seeing it I suppose ... Glad he got nailed .. .. I never liked him anyhow lol... I feel sorry for all the bookies and bets placed last night on Tony getting wacked.. I knew that would not happen.. although I must admit through out last nights show I kept expecting something big to happen.. yet Mr. Chase .. played all the fans of the show very very well... I laughed at the ending after a second or 2 I realized that the direct TV had not gone out... and that that blank screen and silence was indeed the end... great segue into a movie I think...

Other thoughts rummaging around in my head... I got my shoes for the wedding dress , ( PERFECT MATCH.. if you want me to post them I will take a picture of them.. I just thought it would be kinda weird posting a pic of shoes LOL) I went to a place called UNIQUE FEET and they did not have anything for me.. I went to DSW and the first time I was there.. no luck.. the second time I was there I found several shoes I liked but never got anyting.. Saturday I went in there fairly dejected.. and figured that it was going to be a really annoying process finding shoes.. I wandered to the back of the shoes where the clearance racks are... I saw a white box on the top shelf and could just barely see the top of a heel of a shoe.. I reached over my head into the box and pulled down the shoes.. WOW.. I thought they were perfect but thought that there was no way they would fit my fat feet.. this was a 7.5 and not a W it was a Med. So I tried them on anyway.. and they fit.. not only that but I walked around the store with them on my feet for about 20 minutes.. and they were fairly comfortable too.. they have a little heel.. and are cream champagne color sheer on the sides with irredesent sequines and beading along the sides these shoes where 69.89 .. now here is the cool part.. they wre 80% off which made them roughly 13.00... then I found a pair of Clarks... 16.40... normally 50.00 or more dollars... wow.. then I found some Kenneth Cole sandals .. have those on now.. 12.00 man.. I spent under 50 dollars and got 3 pair of great shoes all on clearance .. that NEVER NEVER NEVER happens to me.. I actually enjoyed shopping .. I never have luck like that..

Really big question...
I have question to ask you .. I sent out an email recently and got some great replies so I thought I would post this question to anyone that wants to answer it.. With our wedding coming up... I started thinking about this question.. and if I were to come over to your house and sit down with you and ask you this question what would you tell me..
Okay here is the question... WHAT MAKES A GOOD MARRIAGE?



buddha_girl said...

Got your email and will think of an answer soon.

I want a pic of the shoes, pronto! I think pics of anything (well...almost anything) are superb things.

I would love to pinch you on the inside of your upper arm for having gotten such great deals on all of those shoes! I'm THAT envious. Since I like you, I'll hold back. *sigh*

Bethany said...

Post the shoes!!

My quick answer to what makes a good marriage- a sense of humor! I think a bit more and let you know!

CPA Mom said...

I can't tell you how many blogs I read that post shoe pics. Seriously. Not weird.

I hated the Soprano's ending. Hated it. LAMO SUCKTACULAR

A good marriage - that's a tough one. I'm on my THIRD!