Monday, June 18, 2007


Something my dad used to say... We never made it to the Mountains this weekend..The weather was not very agreeable.. the sky kept threatening whooper storms... So we ended up staying home... We are going to try and go away this weekend... I guess there is a reason for everything. .. Saturday we get a phone call from Steve's son and find out he fell off his bike.. He was biking with a group through Oak Mtn State park in Birmingham and was pulling into the parking lot after the ride.. (regular bicycle not motorcycle) and hit a curb.. he went off the bike going about 15 miles an hour.. He got some major road rash and a I think a bit of wounded pride but he should be doing okay.. He was a mess though.. we went over there and it really looks pretty painful. Hopefully he is feeling better today.

Finally coming back to myself a bit.. back on my pill so thats always good.. found the cutest thing.. We are making hospitality bags and I found these tiny jars of Honey online the one I picked says BEE MY HONEY and has 2 bees kissing.. then I put our names on the label with the date of the wedding... Steve loved them.. thats what is pictured here... snagged the demo picture... its so cute lol.... I am so goofy....I ordered those and some bubbles too.. I dont like rice or bird seed.. so I decided we would have bubbles for when we leave the reception...

Otherwise it is simply a Monday here.. kinda bummed found out over the weekend my aunt has stage 4 cancer. Started in on of the kidneys ( she did have back pain but told no one) Now its spread to her liver and lungs.. one of the first things she said to her kids was .. I have to go to Honi's wedding.. Truth is she will be lucky if she survives another 8 weeks.. makes me really sad.. who really knows maybe she will survive this.. the realist in me says no.

Food is getting much better.. I was not really bad or anything I just extended my portions..been walking.. nothing major though.. the heat is a bitch here... I hate heat..
Wish me well Wish you well too.....


Gordita said...
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Big Pissy said...

When is your wedding?

I love that honey....too cute! Never seen anything quite like it...should be a big hit with your guests. :)

So sorry to hear about your aunt. That's just horrible. :(

Bethany said...

I LOVE the honey jars! How appropriate!

I am so sorry to hear about your aunt.

Eve said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your aunt.

On the other hand, those honey jars are too funny. I'm so glad you're getting some made up.