Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I think when a doctor asks his patients the right questions , especially when he sees that patient on a journey to better health I think it important.. I think this allows the doctor or any health care provider to learn how to address weight issues with all of his or her patients.
I have heard time and time again.. people going to Doc in a boxes and those docs saying things like.. "You know you need to lose weight" "You know you are morbidly obese" (uhmm thanks for clueing me in SHERLOCK) " Are you on a diet, you really should be?" ( are you sure you graduated medical school.. I seriously doubt it) I think if a doctor truely cares about his patients he should take time in addressing them.. perhaps this would eliminate the fear that a lot of obese people have when they know they need to go to the doctor but are simply afraid.. or really do not want to know that they have once again dissapointed another person because of their weight.. A doctor should first ask that patient.. do you want to do something about your obesity ? Do you know that it is important as you get older to do what you can for yourself to have better health? If that patient wants to help his or herself.. then that doctor needs to have current resources to share with that patient. Make a seperate appointment to discuss this if you have too.. but a doctor should work with his patient to help them achieve maxium health. I once quit going to a doctor because of his rudeness towards my weight. It is not a doctors place to critisize us because of our size .. it is a doctors place to help us if we are serious about making changes.


Are we really ready to make the needed changes for good?

Are we ready to be raw and honest with ourselves?

Are we commited to ourselves before we are commited to family and friends? ( hey face it, if you are not commited to improving yourself.. well than it really does not matter what anyone else thinks)

Just some things to think to about... soon I will get off this Fat and Obese kick I promise..
Time to go back to hotel hell.. ( still figuring out what our best choice will be for housing wedding guests..)
Wish me well
Wish you well.

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Bethany said...

Argh! You KNOW how I feel about Doc-in-a-box!!

You are so right about the other stuff. I may just direct people here on Friday, you've got some good stuff (as always!)